Oct 21, 2016

A fresh start is sometimes one of the most desirable things for former and current gang members. Read up on a couple of these organizations dedicated to helping them take that step.

Oct 07, 2016

Under their power suits, politicians have a flesh canvas like everyone else. Find out which big name political figures, past and present, had the guts to go under the needle.

Sep 23, 2016

Out of Step Books is a publishing company that specializes in a variety of artistic topics. It was founded in 2011 by Steve and Jinxi Caddel, who discovered they both share a passion for art and...

Sep 14, 2016

Dan Lorenzo chats with Ink Master Season 8 contestant Ryan Ashley Malarkey, black and grey tattoo artist based out of Kingston, PA.

Sep 09, 2016

Enormous back tattoos and intricate sleeves are still highly sought after, but for a brief moment, micro tattoos are enjoying a bit of time in the spotlight. After a New York based tattoo artist...

Sep 07, 2016

Dan Lorenzo: Even though you're happily married with children, you told me you sort of agree that having children... umm, changes your relationship with your spouse, right? Princess Hilla: Oh...