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Wireless Tattoo Technology: The Future of Tattooing from FK Irons

product group shop of the FK Irons Spektra flux tattoo machine, LightningBolt battery pack, and Hover touchless power supply against a black background

The future of tattoo technology is here, and it’s wireless. From FK Irons, widely recognized as one of the best tattoo machine brands in the business, comes three new wireless tattoo offerings sure to revolutionize the industry: the Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine, the LightningBolt wireless tattoo battery pack, and the Hover touchless tattoo power supply.

FK Irons Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine against reddish black backgroundThe Spektra Flux wireless rotary tattoo machine revolutionizes tattoo technology, providing all the power and features of other types of tattoo machines while stripping away many of their complications and inconveniences. The lightweight, ergonomic Spektra Flux operates for up to 10 hours on a single 1.5-hour charge of its replaceable PowerBolt battery. The PowerBolt incorporates battery level monitoring and intuitive half-volt adjustment options, allowing you to spend more time tattooing and less time adjusting your machine. Operating from 5-12 volts with dynamic power path management, 4mm stroke, and compatibility with most membrane-style tattoo needles on the market, the Spektra Flux offers incredible versatility and control no matter your tattooing style.

FK Irons LightningBolt Wireless Battery Pack against reddish black backgroundWant to go wireless, but don’t want to give up your favorite tattoo machines? The LightningBolt wireless tattoo battery pack turns any tattoo machine with a round motor housing into a wireless tattoo machine. Weighing in at only 2 ounces, the LightningBolt still packs a punch, providing 5-12 volts of power for up to 10 hours on a single 1.5-hour charge. Its simple three-button control panel allows you to monitor the battery level, enable Bluetooth, and increase or decrease voltage on the fly, meaning you can focus on your art, not your settings. With USB-C charging, you can recharge the LightningBolt in your car, on your laptop, or in the airport — anywhere a traveling tattoo artist might find a few spare minutes. 

FK Irons Hover touchless tattoo power supply on black backgroundThe Hover touchless tattoo power supply pairs with any of your favorite tattoo machines to provide a versatile, intuitive, and hygienic platform for your tattooing station. Designed to reduce cross-contamination, the Hover allows you to adjust between 2-17 volts of output, navigate menu options, and set session timers through gestures or voice controls (when paired with the Darklab app). With 2 RCA ports and a bank of 9 programmable machine settings, the Hover allows you to easily switch between multiple machines and settings, adding tremendous versatility. It’s also perfect for any traveling tattoo artist, featuring integrated USB-A and USB-C charging ports to power other devices like mobile phones, tablets, or wireless tattoo machine battery packs while you’re working.

FK Irons’s Spektra Flux, LightningBolt, and Hover represent the cutting edge of tattoo technology. Don’t get left behind — order yours from PainfulPleasures today.