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What Type of Nose Ring Should I Be Pierced With?

If you're thinking about having your nostril pierced and are wondering what style of jewelry you should ask for, you first need to know what types of nose rings are available. There are essentially 5 options when it comes to nostril piercing jewelry:

Nose Ring Jewelry OptionsNose Screws - Nose screws are short, hooked posts like the one shown to the top-left. The way you twist a nostril screw into a nostril piercing is what makes the name appropriate. There are right bend and left bend nose screws; you choose one or the other depending on which nostril you have pierced, so it will fit inside your nostril more comfortably.

Nose Bones - A nose bone is a short post with a decorative top that sits against the nostril and a slightly bulbous bottom that keeps the post in your nostril piercing. They just pop in and out of nostril piercings, sometimes with minor resistance due to their bulbous bottoms.

Fishtails - These aren't actually meant to be used as is; fishtails are an option for piercers to keep on hand for those clients who want custom-fitted nose screws. The end can be cut short and easily bent to the perfect fit. You can modify fishtail jewelry at home yourself, if you have jewelry pliers. See our article, How to Bend a Fishtail, for instructions.

Nostril Rings - There are a number of different types of hoops available that can be used as nose rings, including segment rings, captive bead rings, and seamless rings. Whichever variety you choose, if you go with an actual nose hoop, the trick is to get one that fits close to your nostril (i.e. has a relatively small diameter).Labret Studs Make Ideal Nose Rings

Labret Studs - This may seem like an unlikely option to include in a list of nose piercing jewelry, but labret studs actually make ideal nose rings. The top looks like those you see on nose screws and nose bones, but the bottom is secured to the top in a way that ensures you won't lose your jewelry easily.


Best Starter Nose Rings

When you first get your nose pierced, your two best options for starter nose rings are labret studs and actual hoops. Hoops, like captive rings, are a good option because they're unlikely to put pressure on your nostril if it swells during the healing process. That said, labret studs are a really popular style of nostril piercing starter jewelry for a reason. A sufficiently-long stud can be inserted initially without it sticking out awkwardly, and the wearer doesn't have to worry about losing it like they might with a nose bone or even a nose screw. These factors make labret studs an attractive starter nose piercing option.

Although some people get nose screws from the start, usually it's best to wait until your nostril piercing is fully healed to try out that style of jewelry and nose bones. In a well-healed nostril piercing, a nose bone is an easy option that pops in and out whenever you have the whim to change styles, but doing that with a tender, healing nose piercing could be uncomfortable.


Super-Cute Labret Tops

Another benefit of wearing a labret stud in your nostril piercing is that there are tons of cute tops available. Choose from tiny little balls in bright colors, round gems, star-shaped gems, custom made gold dermal tops, and more! Here are a few examples of the many beautiful options available that you can pair with your labret stud, if you choose this option for your starter nose ring:

Brightly-Colored Ball Tops for Labret Studs Gold & Jewels Custom Nose Ring Top Opal Labret Stud Tops for Nose Piercings
Gold Dragonfly Top for Nose Rings Star Shaped Gem Tops for Labret Nose Rings Custom Made 14k Gold Nose Ring Tops


More Nose Piercing Info

For additional nose piercing tips, including suggestions for the best nose piercing aftercare and other jewelry suggestions, check out our Nose Rings & Nose Piercing Info article. For information on all types of nose piercings, including septum piercings and bridge piercings, check out our Nose Piercing FAQs. You can also post any questions you may have in our forum, and our knowledgeable moderators and community members will get back to you with the additional info you need.