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Top Piercing & Body Jewelry Supplies for New Owners

illustrated patterned logos of piercing supplies on blue background

Opening your own piercing shop is no small undertaking. From finding a space to securing the necessary licenses and certifications, your to-do list as a new shop owner might never seem to get shorter. In this article, we’ll help you shave down that list by walking you through some of the most essential piercing supplies – excluding the jewelry itself – for new body jewelry shop owners.

Sterilization and Skin Prep Suppliesillustrated icon of a surface disinfectant bottle

Keeping a clean, sterile shop isn’t just important for your clients’ health – it’s necessary for the bottom line and longevity of your business. If customers feel your shop isn’t clean, they won’t be coming back. Make sure you have plenty of the following disposable and sterilization supplies on hand at all times:

Autoclaveillustrated icon of an autoclave

An autoclave is often the single most expensive piece of equipment in your shop, and also the single most important. An autoclave will sterilize all of your piercing equipment and jewelry to reduce the risk of infection. Although the price tag can be scary, you’ll be glad you invested in a quality autoclave in the years to come. In addition to the autoclave itself, you’ll want autoclave cleaner and sterilization pouches.

Piercing Needlesillustrated icon of piercing needles

These are what actually get the job done, so don’t skimp on them. Make sure you have a stock of high-quality piercing needles in the most common gauges in order to perform a variety of piercings. The links below are for straight piercing needles, but for more specialized piercing needles check our full piercing needle offerings.

Piercing Toolsillustrated icon of piercing forceps

There are plenty of specialized piercing tools you’ll acquire throughout the life of your piercing shop, but below is a list of the absolute essentials you’ll need to perform the most common types of body piercings.

Aftercare Supplies

Once the piercing is done, your client’s work has just started. In order to ensure the health, recovery, and longevity of every piercing you perform, send your clients home with some of these high quality piercing aftercare supplies.

Visit our full online store for even more piercing supplies, and for more information about the piercing business check out our Painful Pleasures blog.