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Tattoo Artist Sean Foy Talks Success, Growth, and Positive Energy

Portrait photo of tattoo artist Sean Foy


Dan Lorenzo: The last time I spoke with you was the happiest I've heard you sound in years. Does the fact you struggled with alcohol and coke make you appreciate where you are now more?

Sean Foy: Hell yeah it does! Waking up every morning feeling good and feeling real happiness is a pretty incredible replacement for sadness and being hungover [laughs]. I have a greater appreciation for both my family as well as my incredible clientele.


Tattoo of lady with thorn crown by Sean Foy


What made you decide to straighten out?

Honestly, I just got tired of living that life. When you drink and use... you're running from something and you're really just going from one chaotic problem that you've caused to another.


And you told me you're not even tempted to have a drink now?

I've gone within and found some spirituality, not necessarily religion. I've embraced the notion that there is a real positive energy out there and you can tap into it and live a better life if you are willing to change the negative aspects of yourself and replace those with positive ones.  Like... there's no reason for a grown man to be jealous or nasty.  Life is really dope if you just let it be and let it flow.


Turning to tattooing... you've used a bunch of different brands of ink over the years. What's the reasoning for that?

As these things pop on the scene, I always want to try the different tools offered within my industry to get closer to the vision I'm trying to put out [...] I've found the best ink for what I'm trying to do right now and that's Radiant Ink. It's just perfect for me.


I consider you one of the best tattoo artists in America. How do you see yourself?

Thank you so much for the support Dan! I'm just grateful to be able to bring my ideas to life and that my clients have given me the opportunity to create my own art on them. That's a pretty incredible feeling. THAT feels like success to me. There are so many great artists in this country and I truly believe we are the new art form that people want to use to express themselves and collect pieces from. That's a beautiful thing! I'm so proud of my peers for working so hard to help create this environment we get to work in. I feel very fortunate and I'm grateful for my place in this industry in the USA.


Tattoo of woman with centipede by artist Sean Foy


When you first started tattooing was there anything or any person that helped you get to this "next level" of tattooing or is it something that's just God given?

Dmitry Vision pushed me so hard. I wanted it, but it was he who gave me that hard nudge to move forward. Then I did the work and doing that work never stops. Keeping yourself mentally and physically sharp is the key for anyone looking to achieve their best work.


Do you miss living in Jersey at all Sean?

The only thing I miss is the Latin food!  Other than that, no, I don't.


Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Sure! When you're looking for an artist, look for an artist whose vision appeals to you. If their vision resonates with you, you are likely to vibe with their personality. When everyone is on the same page, that's when the best work comes out. I'd also like to thank everyone out there who has supported my vision for my work. It's you guys that continually help me live my best and most authentic life.



Check out more work by Sean Foy on Instagram, @sean_foy

Tattoo of sylvan woman with mushrooms and neon accents by Sean Foy