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Star Wars Tattoos - May the Force be With You

December is an exciting month. The coffee cups at Starbucks are red, extra days off are looming, strangers give you candy and cookies ( a mixed blessing at best), and that big guy in the red suit is bound to make an appearance. But this year, December is extra special for a select few hundred million people. This December brings us a new Star Wars film.

Star Wars fans are legion and hopes are sky high as the premier date of this movie event looms. There are many categories of uber Star Wars fans. Cos-play, LARPers, collectors, bloggers, sci-fi buffs and just plain geeks. But you know what kind of Star Wars fan holds a special place in my heart - the tattooed ones. Star Wars tattoos are numerous and varied.  I salute those fans who take their affection for these beloved movies to a whole new level. I even salute the guy who got the Jar Jar Binks tattoo. I hope for their sake this new movie will meet or beat expectations and they can add to their awesome collection of tattoos. 

In salute of these avid fans, here are a handful of  Star Wars tattoos to check out. There are zillions more - just google it and you will see what I mean. If these are not enough for you check out these additional resources for all the Star Wars tattoo action you can handle. And for extra fun read Cursitivity's reasons for not wanting to be Slave Leia (oh you know exactly what I am talking about!)

May the Force be With You!

Books: The Force in the Flesh Volumes 1 and II (yes...two)

nikko hurtado

Now cross your fingers for December 18th!