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Spring Forward with Floral Tattoos

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This weekend, clocks will move forward one hour, bringing us one step closer to warmer weather, more sunlight, and brightly colored flowers. The rising temperatures also means tattoos can be on full display, no longer hidden beneath winter coats and long pants. Leafless trees will regain their greenery, flowers will bloom, and people will begin to venture outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Fresh cut flowers, a staple on Valentine’s Day, make for beautiful gifts. Aromatic and colorful, almost everyone can appreciate flowers, and just like flowers themselves, floral tattoos are universally popular.  Flowers come in countless shapes and colors, so although floral tattoos display a simple subject, they can still be incredibly unique and found in any style, as both a tattoo focal point or small accents for a larger piece.

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This tattoo captures a love for both earthly and otherworldly nature.  A flower rests atop the gemini constellation in this feather-light tattoo. Tiny flowers also mark the point of each star of this astrological constellation, and the flower stems connect each floral star. Thin lines and dotwork embody the delicacy of real flowers, which must be cared for with dedication.


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Cherry blossoms are a popular accent and space-filler in tattoos of all kinds—from American traditional to historic Japanese Irezumi tattoos, and even contemporary and cute Pokémon tattoos. The prevalence of cherry blossom accents in Irezumi tattoos influenced their eventual takeover as one of the most popular space fillers. These sakura flowers add a contrasting color, brightening the tattoo and filling the empty space around the chopsticks.


flower tattoos, floral tattoos, watercolor tattoos, Carolina Falcone tattoo

Interesting textures coincide in this floral tattoo. Illustrative black and grey strokes mimic the soft, smooth feel of real flower petals alongside the gentle gradient of watercolors. While the illustrative technique captures the texture of real flowers, the watercolors recreate the muted pigments of flower petals.


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As the weather gets warmer, people will spend far more time outside, hiking, camping, or otherwise simply enjoying the nature that the cold weather of winter prevents us from appreciating. This colorful tattoo expresses a love for that natural world. A bloomed flower, and a bird perched atop a branch—two simple beauties that cannot be appreciated in their full glory throughout winter. However, as the weather changes, we will be greeted with new growth of all kinds of plants, and animals that took cover during the cold weather will make their return.


flower tattoos, floral tattoos, hyperrealistic tattoos, Bethanie Lauren tattoo

Hyperrealistic tattoos are often vibrant and showy in order to put an artist’s skills on full display, but the soft realism of this sweet pea tattoo showcases the artist’s massive talent in their attention to details. The various shades of green along the stems and the softly curled petals remind us that no two flowers look exactly alike, and their imperfections make them even more beautiful.

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