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Spektra Flux, PowerBolt, & LightningBolt Wireless Tattoo Release

product group shot of the FK Irons Spektra Flux tattoo machine, LightningBolt battery pack, and Hover wireless tattoo power supply against a black background. Framed by FK logo and product names

The future of tattooing has arrived, and it’s wireless.

FK Irons is proving yet again that they are a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge tattoo machines and tattooing accessories with the launch of three new wireless-enabled products: the Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine, LightningBolt wireless tattoo battery pack, and Hover wireless tattoo power supply.

horizontal view of Spektra Flux with product name

The Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine is designed to provide tattoo artists unrivaled comfort, power, and simplicity. At a light 6.3 ounces, the highly ergonomic Spektra Flux provides up to 10 hours of comfortable, continuous tattooing on a single 1.5-hour charge of its PowerBolt battery pack. With dynamic power path management, the USB-C Li-ion battery provides high energy density, reliability, and stability. The PowerBolt features an LED voltage panel that displays the current battery level and voltage setting, and also allows for 0.5-volt power adjustments between 5–12 volts. These features, and its compatibility with most membrane-style needles, make the Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine tremendously dynamic and versatile.

multi-angle view of LightningBolt battery pack with product name

If a new tattoo machine isn’t quite in the budget, the LightningBolt wireless tattoo battery pack lets you turn any tattoo machine with a round motor housing into a wireless tattoo machine. This 2-ounce tattoo battery pack is a powerhouse, providing the same charge capacity and speed, dynamic power path management, and voltage monitoring and adjustability features included in the PowerBolt. Like the PowerBolt, the LightningBolt battery pack is also Bluetooth-enabled, rendering them “future-proof” through regular firmware updates to improve functionality and provide compatibility with future FK Irons wireless tattooing accessories.

multi-angle view of Hover wireless tattoo power supply with product name

The Hover wireless tattoo power supply completes the package, offering intuitive touchless voltage control and significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This beautifully designed 2–17V power supply provides clear digital readouts of power settings and session time. The Hover wireless tattoo power supply can save up to 9 separate voltage settings and features two RCA ports as well as two USB ports, allowing for seamless transitions between machine setups and simultaneous charging of backup PowerBolt or LightningBolt wireless battery packs–perfect for artists who rely on multi-machine setups or who travel frequently. It is also footswitch-compatible and Bluetooth-enabled, allowing it to connect to the Darklab mobile app for even more features and controls including firmware updates, session timers, and vocal device controls.

With the Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine, LightningBolt wireless tattoo battery pack, and Hover wireless tattoo power supply, FK Irons has pushed tattooing into a new era of ergonomic comfort, effortless control, and seamless device integration. Don’t get left in the past–follow the links above to purchase or pre-order these revolutionary devices directly from PainfulPleasures today!