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Show-stopping Body Jewelry

high end body jewelry, gold jewelry, gold body jewelryAs piercings and tattoos become ever more common, they have made the transition from a linchpin of fringe culture to a fashion mainstay. The growth of high-end body jewelry companies shows that piercings especially have experienced a significant growth in popularity, and their newfound place in mainstream culture has created a demand for more jewelry styles and higher quality options. Although the days of silver barbells purchased on a trip to the mall hold a certain nostalgia, the rise of boutique body jewelry styles has vastly widened the options available to us. Simple barbells and captive balls offer a classic, even nostalgic look while unique shapes, colorful jewels, and natural materials offer trendy designs.

The materials and styles available are now endless, with everything from synthetic opal or diamond encrusted septum rings to simple-but-elegant solid gold hoops. The rise of such high-end jewelry in the piercing industry has also led many piercing studios to focus on luxury body mods. Most of these high-end companies only sell to piercers themselves, so this allows for not only higher quality in the jewelry, but also better standards in the piercing process. In fact, when I had my septum pierced at the beginning of this year, there were no barbells or captive balls in sight. Instead, all my choices were fashionable solid gold in various shades. There are a few standout styles amongst the growing trend of high-end body jewelry looks.


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Cute Shapes

Hearts, flowers, moons, and bees are a few of the cute internally threaded styles available to anyone looking to adorn their piercings with something a little more eye-catching than the classic jewel or ball top.

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Iridescent Opals

Sparkly jewels and stones have always been a popular component of body jewelry, but along with the trend of holographic fashion, opals have seen a rise in popularity. Each opal has a one of a kind look with their iridescent colors, which shine differently depending on the light.

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Statement Pieces

However, for those who prefer the signature crystal sparkle and other jewels to the iridescence of opals, statement pieces with layered jewels offer an opulent look. Anyone who likes luxurious jewelry and gravitates towards accessories with rows of jewels or eye-catching patterns would adore the intensity of these styles.


Natural Materials

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Glass, shell, and stone bring a natural element to body jewelry. These materials are perfect for those who prefer a more bohemian, earthy style over the classic look of metal jewelry. Although gold is more commonly associated with luxury, these materials can be just as showstopping with their intricate designs, unique shapes, and colors they have to offer. Just like opals, natural materials capture a unique look with their multicolored designs.

These designs are just a few examples of the many high-end body jewelry style options. As piercings continue to become more popular and less taboo in public and in the workplace, the demand for high quality jewelry will continue to grow.

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