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On Self-Growth and Reopening with Tattoo Artist Babiery Hernandez

Illustrated portrait of tattoo artist Babiery Hernandez


PainfulPleasures: While under quarantine, we saw you kept busy with some awesome commission work. How else did you spend your time?

Babiery Hernandez: I did many things to keep busy during quarantine. Most importantly, I enjoyed the quality time that I was able to spend with my children and family, recognizing that every little thing matters and that we have so much to be grateful for. I also applied myself to learning more about digital artwork to improve my craft. I found myself hiking a lot and reconnecting with nature. I discovered an appreciation for everything I’ve been given. I did a lot of self-growth during quarantine... mentally, physically and spiritually.


What changes are you noticing in the industry as shops reopen and artists return to tattooing?

Within the tattoo industry, we are conscientious of each client’s health and safety. With this new virus that we don’t yet know everything about, it brings me peace of mind to see artists are going above and beyond the usual safety guidelines to keep our clients safe. We have been implementing social distancing as much as possible, reducing shop capacity, as well as following a list of new protocols such as wearing masks and face shields or goggles for everyone to have a safer experience.


Has this influential and significant time in history inspired any of your recent artwork?

Yes, it’s inspired so much of my artwork. My feelings and my artwork are very connected and I have definitely been inspired to create more art that has a message and tells a story.


Tens of thousands of people love your work! Do you feel that your talent for tattooing comes naturally, or is it something you've learned?

As an artist, my passion for art and motivation to create comes to me naturally. However, my skills are developed by every day practice and years of hard work.


As a vegan tattoo artist, what are some of your favorite vegan-friendly supplies to use?

Some of the vegan friendly products that I love and use every day are World Famous brand tattoo ink, as well as Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD.


Black and gray tattoo of Hogwarts castle by tattoo artist Babiery Hernandez

Black and gray realism tattoo of a ship with masts by tattoo artist Babiery Hernandez

Black and gray tattoo of Sally from Nightmare before Christmas by tattoo artist Babiery Hernandez


Check out more work by Babiery Hernandez on Instagram, @babierytattoo.