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Richie Bulldog on Art, Butter, and Hustlin'


Dan Lorenzo: I was actually a fairly shy and quiet person until my father passed away. When did you come out of your shell?Hustlers Parlor, Richie Bulldog, Hustle Butter, Tattoo

Richie Bulldog: What shell? I wasn't born with one. I've always been outgoing and not afraid to make people smile. I was exposed to music constantly as a child, which I feel really ignited a creative spark. I play no instruments and yet music really inspires me. So if I ever had a shell, it has been musically removed.

I believe some people aren't meant for college and they can make a good living by legally Hustling. I have a feeling you might agree with me?

College isn't for everyone, no doubt about that, and you are correct, you don't need it to be successful; it's only a tool to help you reach success. People traditionally are raised to believe you have to go to college. Nowadays, kids are making lots of money before their sophomore year in high school. The use of the internet has advanced those with talents and abilities much quicker than those of prior generations; no doubt. Evolution!

Hustle Butter, Richie Bulldog Product, Richie BulldogHustle Butter Deluxe® smells good enough to eat. When did you figure out how to make such a great smelling product that actually works?

Actually, you can eat it. Hustle Butter is vegan and cruelty free. In 2009, I realized the need for natural products in the tattoo industry to replace all petroleum-based products ... Bang, Hustle Butter Deluxe® was born. We were super happy with the butter when it was first developed, but it wasn't 100 percent, so we tweaked it a few times 'till it was just right. Three times to be exact. The rest is history.

Cool. Now I know what I'm having for dessert! [laughs] Your Instagram videos are hysterical. How many takes do they usually take to do such perfect lip-syncing?

I really love doing them ... They come quite naturally to me. I can usually get it in the first or second take. But then after I get a good one I'll start doing a bunch more. The hardest part is picking the best take.

Why should people in NJ drive out to your shop to get tattooed in New York?

Listen, I love New Jersey, but we are talking Brooklyn, N.Y.C. here. No place like it in the world!!! Then take into account it's the flagship Hustle Butter Store for all and anything Hustle ... original masterpieces hung about the gallery. A constant flow of the world's top tattoo talent, and a warm and super inviting atmosphere. You Can't Knock That Hustle!


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