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Redefining The Cross-Stitch

Eva Krbdk tattoo, cross stitch tattoo, elephant tattooFinally, a tattoo your parents or grandparents might approve of! Thanks to Eva Krbdk, the cross-stitch tattoo is becoming an internet sensation and is being utilized by tattoo artists around the world. Cross-stitching is a form of embroidery typically associated with sextegenarians, but has found its way into popular culture. With this style of tattooing, X-shaped stitches are used to create an image, making it similar to dot-work. Traditionally, cross-stitching was used to embellish items like household linens, tablecloths, dish cloths, and doilies. More commonly these days, cross-stitching is an activity affiliated with domestication and docility, but with this new style of tattoo, the cross-stitch is breaking free of its association with the nursing home. Now it stands as of the more interesting tattoo styles to spawn in recent history.

Eva Krbdk tattoo, cross stitch tattoo, cross stitch flower tattoo

This style of tattoo is being pioneered by a woman in Turkey named Eva Krbdk. The result is an eye-catching design that looks like a mix between pixel art and embroidery. Many of Eva’s cross-stitch designs are simple and cute, but some of her larger designs are complex and awe-inspiring. The range of possibilities that come from using tiny little x’s are limitless. She’s done animals, flowers, celebrity faces like Marilyn Monroe, and even storm troopers from Star Wars. If you’re in Turkey looking for a great tattoo then seek her out, she is a great artist who is capable of a variety of styles beyond her beautiful cross-stitch tattoos.

Cross-stitching has traditionally been more of a feminine endeavor, but once again, the rules of tradition are being broken. The only limit to the style is imagination, and that means guys can get some incredibly unique cross-stitch tattoos too. More popular among men are cartoons and comic book characters, words/phrases, and geometrical designs; but if flowers are your thing, I’m not going to judge. So don’t be put off by the fact that your grandmother used to cross-stitch. Instead, lead the charge, and enjoy the experimental excitement of landing upon an interesting new way to tattoo.

stormtrooper tattoo, Eva Krbdk tattoo, cross stitch tattoo

If you aren’t able to book a flight to Turkey and visit Eva Krbdk at Daft Art Tattoo in Ankara, there are some other well known artists who do the cross-stitch tattoo. There is Sandra Saar currently in Perth, Australia; Juli Hamilton in Montréal, Quebec; Anich Andrew in Kiev, Ukraine; and Mariette, who is a tattoo artist working at Turbo Zero salon in Nantes, France. You can find out more about Eva and the other cross-stitch artists in the links below, or use #crossstitchtattoo on Instagram to find more images of cross-stitch tattoos.