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Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Spiderwebs: Spooky Halloween Tattoos

halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos

Autumn typically calls for pumpkin carving, apple picking, and trick or treating, but for tattoo enthusiasts and Halloween lovers alike, the season also demands spooky tattoos. Much like Friday the 13th, countless tattoo shops offer flash tattoos showcasing creepy and festive imagery in honor of the holiday. Halloween tattoos can be cute and fun with whimsical white ghosts and grinning jack-o-lanterns, or creepy and dark with intricate seasonal flowers and gothic bottles of poison.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Dean Caves tattoo

A spooky haunted house makes for a tattoo representing all the quintessential elements of Halloween. This piece masterfully incorporates all the creepy aspects of the holiday, depicting a haunted house enshrined with eerie fog and a sliver of the moon. A shadowy figure peers out of the central window. Blood drips from the jack-o-lanterns mouth. Despite all these elements, the piece doesn’t feel crowded or overdone. Rather, it makes for a perfect tribute to the creepy but whimsy nature of Halloween.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Shae Motz tattoo

Autumn, Halloween, and even some wintry vibes collide in this tattoo. With nods to divisive seasonal treats like candy corn and the almost universally loved hot chocolate, this tattoo displays a love for sweets and Halloween alike, and the peppermint feels like an ode to the upcoming winter holiday season.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Harry Hopkins tattoo

No image represents Halloween better than the snaggle-toothed jack-o-lantern.


halloween tattoos, pokemon tattoos, Isashah Pereira tattoo

Pokémon collides with horror in this Halloween flash sheet designed by artist Isashah Pereira of Richmond’s Black Rabbit Tattoo. Combining the cute and unique forms of the Pokémon, Eevee, with various creepy accoutrements from Jason’s iconic mask to the grim reaper’s scythe, Pereira bridges the darkness of Halloween with the cuteness of Pokémon.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, Muriel Zao tattoo

Even the flowers in this tattoo exude a creepy aura with their warm autumnal colors, and since they flank a bottle of poison, they have an uncanny deathly quality. The crescent moon makes yet another appearance as well. The moon is a common element of Halloween tattoos because it instantly adds to the creepiness. Darkness and nighttime scare us much more easily than daytime sunlight.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Addams Family tattoos, Chase Martines tattoo

The Addams Family are perfect subjects for a Halloween tattoo. Lovers of the macabre, they reside in a gothic mansion surrounded by a cemetery and a swamp.


halloween tattoos, traditional tattoos, kewpie tattoos, Shawni Mosley tattoo

Kewpie dolls are a staple of traditional tattoos, and they can be found across all trends. This delightfully cute kewpie sits inside a jovial jack-o-lantern, and a couple bats add some spookiness to this cute Halloween design.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Danielle Jeanne tattoo

A perfectly cute ghost accented with fluorescent red makes for a sweet traditional tribute to Halloween.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, traditional tattoos, Rach Bailey tattoo

A colorful cauldron bubbles in this witchy tribute to Halloween.


halloween tattoos, horror tattoos, beetlejuice tattoos, Ellen Perry tattoo

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite creepy movies. Although the outdated special effects and the nightmarish creatures made my skin crawl, its weirdness also fascinated me. The Maitlands haunt their former home and try to scare away its new residents. Lydia, the new teenage inhabitant of the Maitland’s former home doesn’t believe they’re ghosts until she photographs them with a Polaroid camera and notices the sheets float but no feet are visible in the picture.

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