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Pierceless Jewelry - Stylish Alternatives

Red Coral Pendants With Sterling Silver AccentsPainful Pleasures is known to be one of the world's largest distributors of body piercing jewelry--things like tongue rings, captive bead rings, nostril rings, septum jewelry, and other piercing jewelry. While it's true that we offer body jewelry in more style, length and gauge options than you'll find nearly anywhere else online, you might be surprised to learn that we also carry a nice selection of non-piercing jewelry.

Whether or not you're pierced, you're sure to love our unique bracelets, rings, hair picks and other organic non-piercing jewelry, custom-engraved Limitless pendants, and the other fun odds and ends we carry, like tooth jewelry and fake lip rings, earrings, and other pierceless body jewelry. Get a taste of the many beautiful options we have to offer below.


Rings 'n Things

Elementals Organics is a line of hand-made organic body jewelry that's exclusive to Painful Pleasures. This line includes a wide variety of piercing jewelry ranging from custom plugs and tunnels crafted in-house at Painful Pleasures to ear hangers made by Indonesian artisans and beyond--all made from natural materials like mother of pearl, wood, bone, and horn. Elementals Organics also encompasses a special collection of rings and bracelets carefully crafted from all-natural materials. Shop for beautiful bracelets carved from rich, dark brown sono wood, hand-crafted sono wood rings, and cool triple finger rings made from jack fruit, areng, sono, crocodile, and saba woods, some of which are also inlaid with stunning natural elements like turquoise stone and carved bone. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from our Elementals Organics Ring & Bracelet Collection:

Elementals Organics Rings & Bracelets

Hand-Carved Sono Wood Bracelets | Organic Body Jewelry Areng Wood Triple Finger Rings With Inlaid Turquoise Hand-Carved Sono Wood Rings | Organic Body Jewelry
Pointed Angle Sono Wood Cuff Bracelets Areng Wood & Inlaid Turquoise 3-Finger Rings Approximation Top Sono Wood Rings
Hand-Made Organic Sono Wood Heart Rings Octagonal Sono Wood Bracelets | Organic, Hand-Made Body Jewelry Areng Wood Triple Finger Rings Inlaid With Carved Bone
Heart Top Sono Wood Rings Octagonal Sono Wood Bracelets Areng Wood & Bone Triple Finger Rings
Hand-Carved Organic Crocodile Wood Triple Finger Rings Oval Top Organic, Hand-Crafted Sono Wood Ring Peaked Sono Wood Bracelets | Organic, Handmade Bracelets
Crocodile Wood Triple Finger Rings Oval Top Sono Wood Rings Peaked Sono Wood Cuff Bracelets


Pick Your Pleasure

In addition to rings and bracelets, our Elementals Organics body jewelry collection also includes a line of beautifully-carved hair picks. They're made from a variety of different types of wood and horn, like dark sono wood, warm reddish-brown saba wood, and black horn. Our hair picks are carefully hand-carved by some of the best Indonesian artisans, and some are inlaid with stunning accent materials like shimmery blue-green abalone. One of our hair picks is even topped with an intricately-carved sterling silver cap. Add a little glam to your next up 'do with one of these stunning pieces from our Elementals Organics Hair Pick Collection:

Elementals Organics Hair Picks

Sono Wood Hair Picks With Carved Sterling Silver Caps Feather Sono Wood Hair Pick With Abalone Inlay
Sono Wood Hair Picks With Carved Sterling Silver Caps Sono Wood & Inlaid Abalone Feather Hair Picks
Turtle Topped Organic Wood Hair Picks Hand-Carved Saba Wood Hair Pins With Inlaid Abalone
Hand-Carved Sea Turtle Wooden Hair Picks Hand-Carved Saba Wood Hair Pins With Inlaid Abalone
Hand-Carved Black Horn Hair Pins With Inlaid Abalone & Bone Hand-Carved Dragon Sono Wood Hair Picks
Black Horn Hair Pins With Inlaid Abalone & Bone Hand-Carved Dragon Sono Wood Hair Picks


Limitless Pendant Designs

Like Elementals Organics, Limitless is a line of body jewelry unique to Painful Pleasures. We actually make each piece to order in our studio using your designs or one of our many pre-designed graphic options. After reviewing any graphics you submit to ensure they'll translate well into laser-etched designs, our graphic designers carefully machine each Limitless pendant you order. Our circular wooden Limitless pendants are then framed by hand-polished stainless steel tunnels, and we insert small stainless steel reinforcement tunnels in the cord holes of our dog tag-style pendants before shipping them to you.

In addition to our Limitless pendants, we also offer a variety of Elementals Organics pendants hand-carved from beautiful natural materials, like mother of pearl, bone, horn, red coral, and .925 sterling silver. These stunning pieces come in a wide range of intricate designs. Between our laser-etched and hand-carved organic pendants, you truly have limitless pendant options when you shop at Painful Pleasures! Here are a few of our favorites from our two pendant collections:

Limitless & Elementals Organics Pendants

Butterfly & Remembrance Ribbon Laser-Etched Wooden Pendants Framed in Stainless Steel Organic Mother of Pearl Pendants With Intertwined Swirls Laser Engraved Wooden Panda Pendants
Butterfly 'n Ribbon Wood & Steel Pendants Swirled Mother of Pearl Pendants Laser Engraved Wooden Panda Pendants
Primordial Swirl Hand-Carved Organic Horn Pendants Design Your Own Limitless Laser Engraved Pendant Mother of Pearl Pendant With Sterling Silver & Jeweled Accents
Primordial Swirl Organic Horn Pendants Custom Engraved Wood & Steel Pendants Mother of Pearl, Silver & Gem Pendants
Design Your Own Dog Tag-Style Rectangular Wooden Pendant With Rounded Corners Red Coral Cylindrical Pendants With Intricate Sterling Silver Accents Moon Dragon Carved Bone Pendants With Sterling Silver Frames
Custom Engraved Wood Dog Tag Pendants Red Coral & Silver Cylindrical Pendants Carved Bone & Silver Dragon Pendants

Note: Our pendants do not come with necklaces. You can purchase super soft black leather string or white leather string in 3'-long segments to create a perfect-length necklace for any of our pendants.


Other Pierceless Treasures

Outside of our Elementals Organics and Limitless non-piercing jewelry collections, we also offer a hodgepodge of other unique jewelry options that don't require piercings to enjoy. You can shop for strands of hematite captive beads that can be worn as necklaces or wrapped bracelets, 18k yellow or white gold tooth jewelry to make your grill flash when you smile, and captive bead rings that can be worn as fake lip rings, fake nose rings, fake earrings, or even fake belly rings simply by popping out the beads, slipping the rings on, and gently squeezing them until they're securely attached. (Save the captive beads in case you get a real belly, lip, nostril, or ear piercing later!) Take a look at these cool non-piercing jewelry options:

Strands of Hematite Captive Beads Can Be Worn as Necklaces or Wrapped Bracelets Use Captive Bead Rings as Fake Lip Rings, Fake Earrings, Fake Nose Rings, or Even Fake Belly Button Rings Heart-Shaped Gold Tooth Jewelry | 18k White or Yellow Gold Tooth Jewelry
Hematite Captive Bead Strands Captive Rings to Use as Fake Body Piercing Rings 18k Gold Tooth Jewelry