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Picking Plugs in Marvelous Materials

Pop Quiz: How many different types of materials are used to make plugs? Can you name 5 without glancing at the list below? We can name 10, and this is far from an all-inclusive list:Opalescent Pyrx Plugs

  • Acrylic Plugs
  • Bone Plugs
  • Glass Plugs
  • Horn Plugs
  • Silicone Plugs
  • Silver Plugs
  • Stainless Steel Plugs
  • Stone Plugs (Examples: agate, tigers eye, amethyst, aventurine, snowstone, jasper, white pine stone, hematite, turquoise, rhodonite, yellow Burmese stone, obsidian, flash stone, marble, red coral, malachite, emerald, and naodelite)
  • Synthesis Plugs (Examples: brass & wood, steel & bone, rose gold & steel, wood & leather, bone and horn, etc.)
  • Wood Plugs (Examples: jackfruit, saba wood, sono wood, crocodile wood, olive wood, tiger wood, tamarind wood, areng wood, cherry wood, coconut wood, and kayu putih wood)


What's the Right Plug Material for You?

Of the materials listed above, which is the right type of plug jewelry material for you? Let's explore the benefits of each and take a look at some of the cool styles available in each type of material.

Scorpion Plugs: There's a real scorpion encased in these clear acrylic plugs!Acrylic Plugs

Acrylic plugs are lightweight and fairly durable. They also offer some cool design possibilities. You can't put a trapped bug on display inside a stone plug, but you can make a clear acrylic plug with a spider or beetle trapped inside, like wih the cool scorpion plugs shown to the left. Since acrylic is moldable, it can also be used to make plugs in unusual designs, like our fun phallic plugs, which make a great stag party gift for a bachelor with stretched ears.

Bone Plugs

Bone plugs can also be surprisingly lightweight and durable. They're dynamic in a different sense than acrylic plugs, though. They can't be molded into cool shapes or used to encase creepy critters, but bone plugs can be carved into beautiful designs. They're also a great complement to other materials. Many of our wood and horn plugs are inlaid with bone, and we even have synthesis plugs that fuse highly-polished surgical steel tunnels with intricate carved bone designs, just to name a couple ways bone is intertwined with other materials throughout our collection of plugs and tunnels. Here are several very different examples of the way we've incorporated bone into our plugs:

Carved Bone Moon in Surgical Steel Plugs From Our Synthesis Line

Carved Bone Moon in Steel Plugs

Carved Bone Goddess Inlaid in Black Areng Wood

Bone & Wood Teardrop Plug

Hollow Bone Tunnels

Hollow Bone Tunnels

Glass Plugs

Glass plugs tend to have a bit of weight to them, but it's a cool, comfortable weight. Plus, glass plugs come in a wide range of unique styles.You can get liquid-filled glass plugs that come in interesting shapes with colored liquid trapped inside, multicolored, heat-proof Pyrex plugs swirled with beautiful colors, handmade Gorilla Glass plugs, and other cool glass plugs. Here are a few examples:

Pyrex Plugs Jewelry

Pyrex Glass Plugs

Liquid Filled Plugs

Liquid Filled Plugs

Handmade Gorilla Glass Plugs

Handmade Gorilla Glass Plugs

Horn Plugs

Horn plugs are really dynamic and durable. Horn is a great material to use to inlay other materials, so horn plugs come in some really cool designs. Get them inlaid with mother of pearl (MOP), abalone shell, crushed turquoise, and other materials. You'll also find horn plugs topped with leather flowers, capped with sterling silver cutouts, and more. Here are a few examples of the extensive line of horn plugs we carry:

Silver Capped Horn Plugs

Silver Capped Horn Plugs

Horn Plugs Topped With Vibrant Painted Leather Flowers

Horn Plugs With Leather Flowers

Horn Plugs Inlaid With Abalone Shell & Stars

Horn Plugs Inset With Abalone

Silicone Plugs

Silicone plugs are some of the most comfortable plugs available. Whether you choose solid silicone plugs or ear skin tunnels, silicone jewelry for stretched ears is about as weightless as large-gauge jewelry gets. Plus it's flexible, making for an all-around super-comfy fit.

Silicone Ear Skins Come in Every Color Imaginable, Including Clear!

Silicone Ear Skins

Flesh-tone Silicone Plugs Make Your Stretched Ears More Discreet When Needed

Hide Your Holes With Flesh Tone Plugs

Solid Silicone Plugs Come in a Wide Variety of Designs

Solid Silicone Plugs in Cool Designs

Silver Plugs

If you're looking for some dressier jewelry, then our .925 sterling silver plugs are for you. These beautiful plugs come in solid silver cut into lacy patterns, silver-capped wood and horn, and wooden plugs inset with beautiful sterling silver designs. Whichever option you choose, our sterling silver plugs will add a touch of glamor to your outfit.

.925 Sterling Silver Plugs

.925 Sterling Silver Plugs

Negative Space Silver Capped Wood Plugs

Silver-Capped Plugs

Wood Plugs With Sterling Silver Inset Design

Solid Silicone Plugs in Cool Designs

Stainless Steel Plugs

Steel & Glass Transparent Plugs

Our collection of stainless steel plugs is vast to say the least. Our Synthesis line of plugs (shown above and below) features high-polish surgical stainless steel tunnels with a variety of inserts in complementary materials, like rose gold and steel, steel and carved bone, gold and steel, Independent Cross Laser Cut Stainless Steel Plugs and more. We also have solid steel plugs held in place by O-rings, steel plugs that have been laser-cut with designs like the Independent Cross plugs shown to the left, steel-encased plugs with beautiful bits of color suspended in clear glass like the ones shown to the right, and--our absolute favorites--our Limitless custom plugs, shown below.

Our Limitless plugs can be customized with your favorite designs in one of two ways: We can either laser-etch your design on a wooden insert and fit it into a highly-polished stainless steel tunnel to create a truly custom plug, as shown on the left below, or we can take a full-color graphic design or even a photograph you've provided, place it in your choice of a stainless steel or black acrylic tunnel, and coat the image with a thin-yet-durable protective layer of resin, as shown on the right below. (Our black acrylic single-flare Limitless plugs are shown, but this style is also available with double-flare surgical stainless steel plugs that have been polished to a high shine.)

Limitless Laser-Etched Custom Plugs Featuring Your Artwork         Limitless Black Acrylic Plugs Featuring Your Artwork Covered With Protective Resin

When you choose Limitless custom plugs, your options are truly limitless! Not only do you have steel, acrylic, single flare, and double flare options, but you also have an unlimited number of images from which to choose, including graphics from our massive library or any high-quality image of your own. Limitless plugs make incredibly personal gifts for anyone you love who has stretched piercings (including yourself!), because you can have these custom plugs made to feature a special moment captured on film or an image that represents something special to the wearer. Where else can you get plugs featuring a favorite tattoo artists' artwork, a band's logo, a beloved cartoon character, or any other design of your choosing?!

Stone Plugs

Stone plugs have a similar cool, comfortable weight to glass plugs. We offer them in standard single and double flare styles, but we also have teardrop stone plugs and even heart-shaped stone plugs. Here are a few examples of the beautiful pieces in our stone plug collection:

Blue & Green Azurite Malachite Stone Plugs

Traditional Round Stone Plugs

Teardrop Stone Plugs Made of Amethyst, Jasper, Tiger Eye, & Hematite

Teardrop Stone Plugs

Heart Stone Plugs

Solid Silicone Plugs in Cool Designs

Synthesis Plugs

If you're looking for plugs with an intricate design, you're sure to love this unusual line of plugs that fuses different materials. Choose from rosewood and steel plugs, bone and steel, and other stunning options like those shown below.

Rose Gold Plated Antiquities Synthesis Steel Plugs

Antiquities Synthesis Plugs

Bone Flower & Surgical Steel Synthesis Plugs

Bone & Steel Synthesis Plugs

Gold With CZ Stone Set in Steel Synthesis Plugs

Gold & Steel Synthesis Plugs

Wood Plugs

We have a very diverse selection of wooden plugs available, ranging from tunnels with animals perched in them or jumping through them to hand-crafted wood plugs made in-house from exotic woods and beyond. Here are some of our favorite wood plug options:

Elementals Evolved Pink Ivory Wood Handmade Wooden Plugs

Elementals Evolved Wood Plugs

Carved Turquoise Dragon Set in Wood Plugs

Turquoise & Wood Plugs

Carved Buffalo Head Saba Wood Plugs

Carved Saba Wood Plugs

Brass & Sono Wood Plugs

Brass & Sono Wood Plugs

Tamarind Wood Plugs

Tamarind Wood Plugs


Inlaid Wood Plugs

Inlaid Wood Plugs


Choosing Your Perfect Large Gauge Jewelry

There are plugs jewelry available in so many cool materials and unique designs that it's hard to choose just one. Once you know which material you prefer--if you want light, flexible silicone or the cool, comfortable weight of stone or glass--the choices are much more manageable. Face Ear Hangers Large Gauge EarringsThat said, why limit yourself to just one piece of new jewelry when there are so many large-gauge options available? Go crazy and choose plugs made of multiple materials!

As you shop, keep in mind that most of our plugs are sold individually. So if you want a pair to wear in your stretched earlobes, be sure to add 2 to cart. If you want a third matching one to wear in a stretched lip or nostril piercing, you can order a third one, too! It's also great to be able to order just one plug, tunnel or other piece of large-gauge jewelry when you've lost or broken a plug and just need to pick up one more to re-complete your set.

If you'd rather shop for tunnels or large-gauge earrings like the face ear hangers shown here, we have many, many more options for stretched piercings that you're sure to love. Check out our Body Jewelry section for every type of jewelry we offer, including organic body jewelry, ear weights, and more!