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Paw Print Tattoos for Your Furry Friends

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People’s relationships with their pets are sometimes cherished more than their relationships with other humans. I think at this point we’re all tired of hearing someone say “I like animals more than people.” It’s become a bit trite. It’s something that people say for an effect, and also people are animals, but I digress, the point is that there is a unique way to commemorate your furry friends. Paw print tattoos have been around for ages, but somewhat of a new trend is to use the actual paw print from your own pet.paw print, dog paw, tattoo

Dogs are by far the most popular for getting a paw print tattoo. Many people don’t even like to call their dogs pets, they consider them a member of the family. Getting their paw tattooed on your skin is a sweet and cute way to memorialize your canine friend while they are still living or after they are gone. Some of the cooler looking prints include both the paw and some imperfections like hair swirls all in the mix. If you have a dog that is starting to show signs of age, and you shared a deep connection with this animal, then it might be a good time to play arts and crafts with your furry friend and get a nice clear paw print. Even if you don’t want the tattoo now, you can save the print for later when you may decide to go through with the tattoo, or you can simply save it for another art project.

To get a good clean paw print you will need a few supplies, but it’s not complicated. The most important part is the safety of your pet, so be sure to buy non-toxic paint. All you need besides the paint is paper, and a pet that has paws, which can be very wide ranging. Dogs, cats, lizards, gerbils, and rats all have paws that leave discernible prints and can make for a good tattoo. You will want to start with a light coat of paint, and see how that works first. I’ve painted many paw prints using rats, and I can tell you that when you drench a paw in paint, you get one big glob of paint on the paper, and not very much detail. You can obtain much more interesting images when using less paint as opposed to more. After your pet has stepped on the paper, just let it dry and wash your pet’s paw.paw print, paw tattoo, pet tattoo

There are a couple of well-known artists who do this type of work. One such person is Carl McReynolds of Diamond State Tattoo in Arkansas. Another name in the paw print tattoo biz is Annie Bella of Greensboro, NC. In August of 2017, she tattooed an impressive giant paw print on a client’s thigh. My hunch is that you don’t need to travel to get this type of work. If you bring a good clean print to a skilled artist, I’m sure they will be able to affix the image to your skin without a great deal of trouble. Honestly, the most important part is on you, so good luck getting a great paw print template with your pet.