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Out of Step Books

Out of Step Books is a publishing company that specializes in a variety of artistic topics. It was founded in 2011 by Steve and Jinxi Caddel, who discovered they both share a passion for art and books. Jinxi worked within the tattoo industry as an editor and author, and she has worked on 18 published books. Jinxi leads the creative charge forward, and Steve handles the business side of things. In addition to their bread and butter, the tattoo/art books, Out of Step Books also publishes children's books, coloring books, and zines.Out of step, book

Out of Step’s collection of art books features amazing works of surreal beauty, as well as macabre imagery of horror, demons, monsters, ghouls and other dark subjects. The selection of books published by Out of Step effectively demonstrates their high level of appreciation for different creative formats. For instance, one of their more popular releases is a book by Jinxi Caddel titled Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project, which features an extensive collection of octopus-related artwork from around the world, and includes paintings, drawings, tattoos, sculptures, sketches, photographs, graffiti art, digital art, jewelry, poetry, glasswork, cloth art, pottery, bronze work, cake art, and more. Also among their top sellers, is a tattoo coloring book, an insect art book, creative interpreations of sacred geometry, and enchanted fairy tales explored through art work. It will be tough to find a medium of visual art that they haven’t covered, because they aren’t judgmental about how art manifests, they seem to appreciate and respect the full spectrum of creative possibilities.out of step tattoo, roars of inspiration

Out of Step Books is also known for their philanthropic endeavors. In a world where art and creativity aren’t the highest priority for the people in charge of funding decisions, art and music classes are cut from curriculums. So instead of having students exercise the creative parts of their minds, they have to suffer through some half-wit teacher’s lecture about a bunch of jerks from France and England who killed thousands of people and started wars. Thankfully, there are small companies like Out of Step who try to help the arts succeed by offering scholarship opportunities and by running charity organizations that help to fund the arts.

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A great sample of tattoo artists have been selected to contribute to Out of Step publications, and the other styles of visual art featured in the books have undoubtedly been the inspiration for a lot of tattoos. The art is unique, impressive, and emotive, all of which help to captivate the viewer. If you’re drawn to tattoo art or art in general, be sure to check out the Books at Painful Pleasures to find some of the books Out of Step has published, and more. With the holiday season right around the corner, this is a brand you can feel good about supporting if you decide to purchase a few of their books as gifts. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date with all of their releases, such as their tattoo trading cards!