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Nothing Gold Can Stay - David Bowie and Alan Rickman

This has been a hard week for creativity. On Monday one of the world's most interesting and influential musicians, David Bowie, passed away, and today, distinguished actor Alan Rickman joined him. Both 69, both lost to cancer. I am cancelling the rest of this week. Famous people die all the time and we all have that momentary reaction like, "What? They died? How?!" Collectively we all seem to feel that fame and fortune somehow shield you from that most elemental human journey - death. But of course, it does not. 

Losing David Bowie was a blow for me. Not personally - I never knew him or anyone related to him - but creatively. I became a fan at a young age and his fanatstic music was a soundtrack for a large chunk of my early life. I had a chance to see him live and that experience was worth seven or eight hours of being crushed half to death on a football field with thousands of other fans (front row baby!). It was worth every second and every bruise.

The loss of Alan Rickman seems especially cruel coming on the heels of Bowie. Rickman was far more than Snape - he was an actor who made a career out of dignified, nuanced roles and never sullied himself with tabloid tomfoolery. His legions of fans are reeling.

David Bowie had no tattoos (or if he did, they were private) and I couldn't even venture to guess about Alan Rickman, but there are many loyal fans throughout the world who made up for this by making the ulitimate statement about their fandom. Both of these distinguished and influential men deserved more time on this planet. The world is better for them having been in it and is a little poorer now that they are gone. Raise a glass to their memories and spare a kind thought for these fans who loved them dearly.

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1. Artist Unknown 2. Kelly Doty 3. Lippo Tattoo 4. Artist Unknown 5. Anrijs Straume 6. Paul Acker 7. Valentina Ryabova 8. Chris Jones

Rest In Peace David Bowie and Alan Rickman