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Most Common & Uncommon Piercings

Types of Ear PiercingsPiercings have been one of the most popular forms of body modification for centuries. Which piercings are common? Which ones are uncommon? What do they look like? Read on, and we’ll answer these piercing questions and more!


Most Popular Common Piercings

Common piercings include both those piercings you see most frequently day-to-day and the most popular piercings that you don't see as often, because they're hidden beneath people's clothing. Many common piercings are also the most affordable, because they’re usually fairly easy to perform. For instance, earlobe piercings are the most common piercings across age groups because they’re the most socially acceptable type of piercing, they’re the simplest to perform, they tend to be the least expensive of all piercings, and aftercare is fairly easy. There are plenty of other types of ear piercings that are popular, too, as listed below. Take a look at the diagram to the left above to see where each of these piercings is typically placed. You can also click any piercing in the list below to see some of the cool jewelry you could wear in that type of ear piercing:

*Captive bead rings and captive hearts also look great in cartilage piercings/helix piercings.

**In addition to labret studs, you can use short straight barbells, curved barbells, or even small plugs or tunnels, if you slowly stretch your conch piercing or have your conch punched instead of pierced to start at a larger size. Read The Ins & Outs of Stretching Cartilage before opting to have your conch punched, though.Placements for Different Lip Piercings, Like Snake Bite Piercings


Other Common Piercings

Some of the other most popular common piercings are listed below. Many of these piercings are just as popular as the ear piercings listed above, if not more so. For instance, belly button piercings are one of the absolute most popular types of common piercings.

Click on any of the links in the list below to see some of the jewelry we carry for that specific type of piercing.

Lip Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, & Nose Piercing Diagrams


Uncommon Piercings

Examples of Popular Dermal Anchor PlacementsIf you are considering something different and unique, uncommon piercings are the way to go. Uncommon piercings may be more costly due to the fragile nature of the procedures. A few more uncommon piercings are eyeball piercings, dermal piercings (pictured to the left), corset piercings, some genital piercings, uvula piercings, bridge piercings, and anti-eyebrow piercings (the latter two are pictured above). 

Example of an Eye Piercing

A microdermal piercing is done by inserting a dermal anchor base under the skin so that the decorative top that's screwed into it sits flush with the skin. Dermal piercings make great accents when incorporated into tattoos. They're also a nice addition to many parts of the body on their own.

A corset piercing is a series of surface piercings that are connected with a ribbon or thread. Corset piercings are commonly done on the back, side (as seen in the picture) or chest.Corset Piercing

Uncommon body piercings can be more painful than common piercings; however, this depends on the individual person, the area of the body, and the person’s respective pain tolerance. The aftercare and healing time for any piercing differs depending on the placement of the piercing and the individual’s body. In the end, when choosing a piercing, it’s important to talk to your piercer about whether the piercing makes sense for you. If you are thinking about a common or uncommon piercing, be sure to research the piercer and the shop and make sure they have the experience they claim to have. Look at their online portfolios, read reviews and check out some of our tips for choosing a piercer.

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