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The Modified Dolls

During a recent online escapade of researching tattoo conventions, I found myself on the Sponsor page looking at familiar logos of ink companies, supply distributors, and clothing brands. I then stumbled upon a name I didn’t recognize, The Modified Dolls. Curiosity got the best of me and what I found was an impressive 501 I (3) charitable Organization that I didn’t know existed. The Modified Dolls are based out of Illinois with several chapters across the country and are continuing to grow, including overseas. They’re girls on a mission, and an admirable one at that.

Their Mission Statement

Having body modifications and tattoos as women and being productive, respected members of society are not mutually exclusive things. Yet, there’s an unspoken understanding that society tends to accept men sporting their body modifications more than their female counterparts. The Modified Dolls came together with this in mind in hopes of reaching an important goal, “to erase the negative stereotypes associated with modified women by doing charity work."[i] These women are raising awareness for pre-selected charities as well as awareness for the modified woman; they are “the different making a difference.”[ii]


The Dolls pick a charity to sponsor every month, during which they fundraise, campaign, and raise awareness for their cause. This year they have raised money for organizations including P.A.N.D.A.S., NAMI, Dress for Success, National MS Society, and the Marfan Foundation. This month The Dolls are sponsoring Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc., which focuses on funding treatments for Rett Syndrome, a severe neurological disease.[iii] The Dolls hold restaurant fundraisers, accept donations via social media, and post educational information to help inform the community

Become a Doll

Modified Dolls New England Chapter

What better way to show mainstream society that you’re a good person, body mods and all, than participating in an organization like this? Becoming a Doll is easy and there are only four requirements to meet if you’re interested. You have to be a female, at least 18 years old, and have at least five visible modifications (some exclusions do apply). Most importantly, you have to want to volunteer your time to benefit the lives of others. Their site provides information on local chapters so you can see which one is closest to you. Chapters include Kansas, Louisiana, Carolinas, Dakotas, New England, Washington, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, and the United Kingdom.[iv] Even if there isn’t a chapter near you, you can still become a Doll. The appeal of this organization lies within the desire to accomplish a goal that is met by doing selfless acts. It is inevitable that people will discriminate against those who look differently than them, but groups such as The Modified Dolls help break down that barrier and contribute to the progress being made as body modifications are becoming more accepted. 


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