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Minimalist Tattoos

​I had the great pleasure of seeing Twenty One Pilots in concert last week and I have to say if you get a chance to see them, GO! Great concert aside, I found myself in a literal sea of fans sporting ink very similiar to the lead singer Tyler Joseph. Tyler's tattoos are spare, elegant, minimalistic, and geometric. Here is a little peek:

tyler joseph tattoos, twenty one pilots singer

Overall, his collection is interesting, well-placed, and looks cohesive. There are dozens of posts online trying to decipher the meaning of his tattoos, but that is a personal thing so we won't go there. I just think it is such an interesting approach to tattoos and it appears to be very personal to him, and that is pretty cool. Of course anytime someone popular gets a particular style of tattoo, legions of fans will follow suit. At the concert, I saw many tattoo arm bands, geometric line tattoos, and more. Did Tyler Joseph launch this trend? Hard to say. His tattoos looked very unique a few years ago, but spare, simple linework tattoos seem to be exceptionally popular now. Of course arm band tattoos are common in Japanese tattooing and even Maori tattoos as well.

Lynn Gunn tattoo, arrow tattoo, forearm tattoo, simple tattoo, PVRIS

Another popular performer, Lynn Gunn of PVRIS (pronounced Paris), has a simple arrow on her forearm that is much admired by her fan base. It is hard to say if she helped launch this trend or if she herself was inspired by the proliferation of simple, clean arrow tattoos that are popping up everywhere, because arrows are everywhere right now. It's like the feather tattoo of 2010.

Does it matter who starts these trends? Does it matter if your own tattoo is considered "trendy"? Personally I think tattoos are...personal. It should not be a crime to have a tattoo that many others have (I'm looking at you tribal arm bands, dreamcatchers, feathers, and/or dandelions morphing into birds). The main thing is choosing a tattoo image that resonates with you personally. Even small, simple tattoos can have a lot of personal meaning, so we shouldn't be quick to judge someone on their tiny dot tattoos. 

dot tattoo, collar bone tattoo, micro tattoo

I recently met a woman who was having her entire back tattooed with charging dinosaurs and geometric designs by the amazing Teresa Sharpe. Her only other tattoo? Three pencil eraser sized dots on her collarbone. That is a pretty big jump from a micro tattoo to a full back piece!

At the end of the day, the tattoos you collect should mean something to you and only you - even if they mean you really admire a singer, artist, or other tattooed person, and want to pay homage with your ink. Just don't copy allll of their tattoos - that is weird and uncool (and an article for another day).