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Looking Back at Christmas Cheer and Body Art

christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos
The holidays inspire sparkling decorations, festive music, and even tattoos. For many people, the holidays are the most enjoyable time of the year because the time is filled with good food, thoughtful gifts, and time spent with friends and family. The holiday season is now coming to a close, and the new year is in full swing, but before we say goodbye to it for good, one last look back at our favorite festive tattoos will help tide us over until the next holiday season.

Festive body art permanently commemorates the joy of the holidays, reminding us to think of the times we spend with our families with bright ink and whimsical cheer. Food, music, and decorations set the mood for family gatherings and gift exchanges, all of which take center stage in holiday-themed tattoos. An enduring love for the holidays inspires people to decorate their homes with lights and trees, and these people have taken it a step further, decorating their bodies with festive art.

christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos, Jennifer Trok tattoo, rosemaling

Snowflakes, flowers, and a bright-eyed reindeer combine the elements of traditional tattoos and Norwegian folk art with cute wintry cheer. The floral elements in this design take inspiration from a decorative painting style typically utilized on wood, involving flowers, patterns, and primary colors. This Norwegian tradition, known as ‘rosemaling’ pairs perfectly with the timely snowflakes and reindeer.


christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos

Although gifts often take center stage during the holidays, food is arguably the most important part of the festivities because it is what truly brings people together. Christmas Eve dinners and breakfast on Christmas morning take precedent over opening gifts. Families gather around meals to celebrate, and children leave cookies to satisfy Santa Claus when he brings their gifts. These cute Christmas cookies celebrate the holidays and our collective festive sweet tooth.


christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos, Stranger Things tattoos

Colorful Christmas lights celebrate the holidays and fandom dedication. From afar, these lights appear to be a brightly lit ode to the season, but a closer look reveals that the lights read “RUN,” a reference to the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Though these lights, first and foremost, profess a love for the show, at a quick glance, they appear to be just typical Christmas decorations.


christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos, Charlie Brown tattoos, Kevin Richart tattoo

Christmas movies hold a special place in many hearts, as they pass the slow-moving days leading up to the holiday. Marathons of classic films like A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Charlie Brown Christmas run on televisions everywhere, and each of these films has given rise to some iconic image. The fishnet-adorned leg lamp from A Christmas Story sits in countless windows to mark the season. Similarly, the scantly adorned but lovable Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas decorates living rooms and even bodies.


christmas tattoos, holiday tattoos, festive tattoos, tiny tattoos, Oven Lee tattoo

South Korean artist, Oven Lee specializes in colorful miniature art. With few lines and light colors, this style is best suited for natural landscapes. Tiny tattoos always have an element of whimsy, making this minimalist trend perfect for a Christmas themed design where brightly colored decorations and snowy landscapes overlap. Watercolor style strokes light up this Christmas scene.

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