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A Look at the New Artist Series Precision Tattoo Needle Boxes

Precision Needles is a Painful Pleasures affiliated brand of tattoo needles that has gained recognition in the industry due to its consistency and quality at a great price. With over 100 different configurations and a modern, user-friendly labeling system, these needles are now a go-to for many tattoo artists worldwide.

In our continuing efforts to keep the vast tattoo community connected, Painful Pleasures Latin America extended a personal invitation to three of our Latin American Featured/Sponsored Artists to create a design for Precision Tattoo Needles. These designs are featured on the packaging of select needle groupings and have already started making their way out to your studios.


American Traditional Precision Tattoo Needle Box | Agustin Gaureschi

Artist Series Precision Needles, Agustin Guareschi Tattoo

Design featured on 1213M1 Precision Tattoo Needle Boxes

If you’re familiar with our featured artists and/or the Cono Sur T-shirt Series, chances are you’ve seen Agustin Guareschi’s name and work before. Gaureschi started tattooing professionally in 2000 and just four years later, opened Oni Tattoo Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He specializes in traditional and neo-traditional work with a color palette and steady, bold lines that stay true to those styles. Give Agustin Guareschi a follow to keep up with his work and his love for fishing, dogs, and great times with friends.


Black Rose Precision Tattoo Needle Box | Tulio Navia

Artist Series Precision Needles, Tulio Navia Tattoo

Design featured on 1207M1 Precision Tattoo Needle Boxes

Tulio Navia is a Colombian tattoo artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina with quite a following and multiple awards under his belt already. He recently opened a new private studio, Alto Escracho, and people have been flocking to it to get work done. Navia is highly skilled in neo-traditional and new school styles, with most of his work consisting of large scale pieces packed with vibrant colors. Keep tabs on Tulio Navia and the work he is producing on skin and more.


Whale Precision Tattoo Needle Box | Alfredo Olaya Gutierrez

Artist Series Precision Needles, Alfredo Olaya Gutierrez Tattoo

Design featured on 1205RLB Precision Tattoo Needle Boxes

Alfredo Olaya Gutierrez realized his passion for tattooing during a sailing trip around the South American continent and it was during his travels that he gained international recognition and several awards. Now he works alongside his brother and sister at Bucanero Tattoo, a family owned and operated studio in Neiva, Colombia devoted to art, design, and tattoos. Gutierrez’s work can’t be generalized into a single style – he is a master of many. Tribal, lettering, black and grey, abstract... the list goes on, but what’s even more amazing is that each and every piece shows an incredible level of ability. It’s evident from his posts that Alfredo Olaya Gutierrez is a hardworking and personable family guy. Be sure to check out his posts on his work and life.


Same, great quality Precision tattoo needles. Three new custom designed boxes. This amazing opportunity allows us to put these tattoo artists on your radar because they’ve earned it. Be sure to visit Painful Pleasures Latin America on Facebook to give any feedback and “like” your favorite one!

If you or someone you know is a Painful Pleasures Featured or Sponsored Artist and are interested in designing your own Precision Needle Box,  please contact our Director of Marketing, Michelle Gagnier, and Director of Sales, Dan Lorenzo.