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Limitless: Custom Printing & Design Just For You

We have all felt the frustration that comes with not being able to find the ideal product. There is always at least one little bothersome detail we wish we could change. What ends up happening? We settle for something that’ll “just do”, while wishing we had the ability to just make it ourselves.

Lack of resources and time, and general unfamiliarity with the actual processes involved are reasons enough to not fully consider creating your own products. Sure, it’s easy to buy those perforated business cards and add a little clip art with your shop name on it. Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if your printer runs out of toner midway through or the end result is just… sloppy? You’re left with a bunch of business cards that’ll serve more purpose as a wedge to level your furniture.

limitless brochures, custom-printed brochures

Business cards are one of the simpler customizable products you'll find if you spend enough time in an office supply store, but have you ever thought about designing your own iPhone case beyond adding a bunch of stickers or decals to it? What about showing off your love for ______ on some plugs for your stretched ears? Maybe you’re a business owner or a start-up that wants to get your brand out there with stickers and professional quality banners and brochures.

Limitless gives you endless possibilities. It started with Painful Pleasures giving customers the opportunity to customize their plugs, but Limitless has taken off to be the brand that it is now because many of us now have the opportunity and flexibility to be who we truly want to be. Self-expression is at an all-time high and Limitless is able to provide a means to that.

Limitless offers a variety of custom-made and printed products tailored for individuals, groups, businesses, and brands with three distinct services: Personalize, Printing, and Display.

die cut pendants, limitless pendant


The Personalize section is ideal for those looking for customized popular accessories. Gift a personalized pendant to a friend or lover engraved or die-cut in one of the beautiful wood types shown right.  If you’re an artist, you can feature your work to be sold to customers or gifted to friends on plugs. Other products Limitless can personalize for you are belt buckles, iPhone cases, and stickers.


If you are a business or shop owner, artist, or know someone who is, Limitless provides a number of Printing services that give you that professional edge you’ve been looking for. Be proud of handing out your business cards and brochures. Do your correspondence with stationary and envelopes made just for you. If you want your artwork or your business logo to be the first thing people see when they go to the fridge for their morning cup of juice, think about investing in customized magnets.


Explore Limitless’ Display section for products ideal for conventions and promotions. If you’re having a storewide event, promote it with displays and stands. Dress up your table at the next convention with a customized table cover. Show off the newest or most popular jewelry at your shop with engraved jewelry displays.

limitless table cover, custom-made table cover

Limitless makes it easy by providing templates for the product of your choice and a guide to understand how they work. For this information along with additional helpful articles regarding paper types, understanding photo image sizes, and more, please visit the Limitless Print & Design Information Center. Don’t have an idea fully realized yet? No worries; the brains behind Limitless can help you design your brand or identity. Contact Limitless at [email protected] to get started.

Whatever your vision is for your personalizing, printing, and design needs, you can trust Limitless to make it a reality. They respect that every individual, group, and brand has an identity to maintain. Limitless strives to promote the artistic, creative ideas that you have because they celebrate individuality. They celebrate uniqueness. They celebrate self-revelation and discovery. You have the idea; let Limitless do the work.

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