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Iconic Movie Tattoos

So have you seen Star Wars yet? Not since Avatar came out (emember that one? Big blue people? Glowy things everywhere? Sigourney Weaver?) has the subject of a movie and what you thought of it been such a big cultural phenom. I saw Star Wars and I liked it (so don't burn my house down, interwebs). Something I also like is Star Wars tattoos. Lots of fans get tattoos of their favorite movies. Some of the more popular movie tattoos center around superheros like Batman, various movie villians, and of course, Star Wars. I can respect loving a movie sooo much you want to get a tattoo. Plus, it makes it easy to find "your people". If you have a Joker tattoo and you run into someone else with a Joker tattoo, you are probably going to be friends. Unless of course he has the Jack Nicholson Joker and you have the Heath Ledger Joker, but that is on you.

There is another kind of movie tattoo, though. The tattoo from the movie itself. Usually actors who have ink have to cover it up in their various roles. Heavily tattooed actors like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie almost never show their ink (Wanted with Angelina and Pirates 1-3 with Johnny being the exceptions). Out comes the Dermablend and there goes all those lovely tattoos.

If a character has a visible tattoo in a movie, it is quite often relevant to the character and perhaps the story itself. Imagine Sons of Anarchy without all those reaper tattoos? (I know, I know - that's TV, but still...imagine Jax with no reaper on his back). The featured tattoos become synonomous with the charcter itself and the movie as well. Here are a few of my favorite movie tattoos  - see if you can guess the movie. Double bonus if you can name the character as well. Answers are at the bottom, but Don't Cheat!

1.  This is one of my favorite movies!

kung fu hustle

2.  Hide yer wife and hide yer kids ya'll...

Cape Fear

3.  You try staying sane on half a grapefruit and one boiled egg per day.

4.  Neil Patrick Harris didn't even come close to this guy.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

5.  Hard to believe this guy was also in Priscilla Queen of the Desert - think he forgot it?


6.  If you can name this movie and the character's name in this movie, then let's be friends. "Turn to the right..."

Raising Arizona

7.  Your first clue that the nice guy at the bar might not be such a nice guy... red flag.




1. Kung Fu Hustle 2. Cape Fear 3. Black Swan 4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch 5. Memento 6. Raising Arizona 7. Red Dragon