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I Do! Wedding Ring Tattoos

The amount of money spent on a typical wedding in the United States is nauseating. The average cost of a wedding ring is about $5,300, and that is only one area where weddings will leave you hemorrhaging cash. Luckily we live in an era that is bucking traditions, and a lot of the religious fanaticism that has plagued wedding ceremonies is slowly dying out. The world is becoming more progressive, gay marriage is finally legal, love is winning, and traditions are dying. If you are one of the people annoyed by tradition for the sake of tradition, or the exorbitant amount of money spent on wedding rings, a wedding ring tattoo may be right for you.

wedding ring tattoos, couples tattoos, matching tattoosAt its core, a wedding ring is about commitment. We buy them for our significant others as a symbol of our undying love and loyalty. As they say, diamonds are forever. That’s why a wedding ring tattoo makes perfect sense; what says commitment like a permanent tattoo? Of course, there are people who are wholeheartedly against getting a tattoo to commemorate love, and for good reason; there are thousands of people out there with names of ex-boyfriends/girlfriends tattooed on their body. But this isn’t like getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed across your chest, this is a ring for your husband or wife. Statistically speaking, marriages fail less often than do boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. If you’ve made it to your wedding day, I say go for it. And even though the divorce rate is fairly high these days, it is far easier to remove or cover up a small tattoo on your ring finger than it is to cover your ex-lover’s name on your forearm.

couple tattoos, arrow tattoo, knuckle tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos are becoming more popular because they are relatively cheap, there is no fear of losing it, and it will always fit. Sometimes as people age, they either become fat and the wedding ring needs to be resized, or in old age people’s joints become swollen and the wedding ring will no longer slide on over a bulging knuckle. None of these things need to be cause for concern with a tattoo, and you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen either. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any disadvantages of a wedding ring tattoo. For example, it could interfere with your professional life if you can’t conceal the tattoo on your finger, and it can also fade with time, requiring a touch up if you want it to remain vivid. 

 The designs of these tattoos vary from couple to couple. Many people opt for a simple band around the finger, but others get more creative. Some tattoos are designed in line with an ornamental wedding ring and feature vines, flowers, hearts, stars, or other symbols that are meaningful to the couple. Some people will ink the name of their significant other, and it's also common to tattoo the wedding date in the place of a wedding ring.

wedding tattoos, couples tattoos, knuckle tattoosAll things considered, I think if you can find yourself a man or woman who would ditch jewelry for a tattoo symbolizing your love, you’ve found a real keeper.