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How Can I Hide My Piercing?

Labret Piercing RetainersDespite the fact that body piercings are raging in popularity throughout much of the world today, there are still times when you have to hide your piercings. How can you hide your piercings for situations like job interviews, church gatherings and get-togethers with stuffy relatives? The answer is simple: piercing retainers.


What Are Piercing Retainers?

Piercing retainers allow you to downplay your piercings when you need to, like when you're visiting your 100-year-old grandma at the old folks' home or going to work in a more conservative environment. Very rarely do piercing retainers completely hide piercings, but they do help minimize their appearance. Most piercing retainers are either clear or flesh-colored, which means they have to be made from alternatives to metal, like silicone, glass, and dental-grade acrylic. The composition of many piercing retainers makes them ideal for holding piercings open during medical procedures and body scans without causing conflicts like a glare on an X-ray.


What Types of Piercing Retainers Are Available?

There are piercing retainers available for nearly every kind of piercing imaginable. If you have a septum piercing, you can get a clear or metal septum retainer that you can conveniently flip up into your nostrils to make it nearly invisible. If you need to downplay a tongue piercing, there are both transparent pink and clear tongue piercing retainers available so you can find the option that makes your tongue piercing least noticeable. Need to hide a nostril piercing? No sweat! Just get a clear nose bone.

These are just a few examples of the many piercing retainer options available to you. Whether you want flesh-colored plugs or clear ear skins for your stretched ears, an eyebrow piercing retainer, a clear nose screw, a flesh-colored disc to hide a labret or dermal piercing, or just a clear O-ring to minimize the appearance of the tools you're using to hold your jewelry in place, we have it! Here are some of our most popular piercing retainer options for hiding your piercings or keeping them open during medical procedures; check out our Piercing Retainers section to see every piercing retainer we carry.

Piercing Retainers

Tongue Piercing Retainers Flesh Colored Plugs for Stretched Ears & Other Stretched Piercings Belly Button Piercing Retainers
Tongue Piercing Retainers Flesh Tone Plugs Belly Button Piercing Retainers
Flesh Tone Discs to Hide Labret & Dermal Piercings Clear Eyebrow Piercing Retainers Clear Labret Piercing Retainers
Flesh-Colored Jewelry Discs Eyebrow Piercing Retainers Labret Piercing Retainers
Clear O-Rings Nose Piercing Retainers | Nostril Piercing Retainers Septum Piercing Retainers
Clear O-Rings Nose Piercing Retainers Septum Piercing Retainers


Additional Information

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