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Hot Jewelry for Stretched Ears

Limitless Custom Plugs: Custom Wood Plugs & Custom Acrylic PlugsIf you've worked patiently to stretch your lobes and you're dying for some hot new jewelry that will highlight your achievement, Painful Pleasures has just what you need. Choose from a wide variety of large gauge earrings, plugs, tunnels, ear weights, and other cool jewelry for stretched ears. Not sure where to start? No sweat! We break down all of your many options by type and material, making it easy for you to find anything from stone plugs to organic horn ear hangers to bone ear weights and beyond.


Large Gauge Earrings

Large gauge earrings are like regular earrings on steroids, with thick hooks in a wide variety of gauges so that you can find the perfect pair to fit your stretched ears. Choose from large gauge earrings made of metal, bone, horn, glass, a variety of different types of wood, and other materials.

Unlike our plugs and tunnels, which are mostly sold individually, our large gauge earrings are usually sold in pairs. Many of these beautiful earrings for stretched ears are hand-crafted, which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. As with all of our handmade jewelry, we do our best to match up the two large gauge earrings that look most alike when you purchase a pair; however, they may vary slightly in shape and size.

Here are a few of our favorite large gauge earrings. View our entire collection by visiting our Large Gauge Earrings section.

Spiral Large Gauge Earrings

Red, Black & White Spiral Large Gauge Earrings Mother of Pearl Spiral Large Gauge Earrings Sterling Silver Spiral Large Gauge Earrings
Red Saba Wood Triangle Spiral Large Gauge Earrings Glass Spiral Large Gauge Earrings Black & White Horn Spiral Large Gauge Earrings


Dangle Large Gauge Earrings

Dangle Large Gauge Earrings With Mother of Pearl Hook & Birds Dangle Large Gauge Earrings With Mother of Pearl Hooks & Flower Skull Charms
Custom Made Titanium or Niobium Ribbon Large Gauge Earrings in Sizes 6g-18g Sterling Silver Coil Dangle Large Gauge Earrings


Hanger-Style Large Gauge Earrings

Quivers Red Saba Wood Large Gauge Earrings Sterling Silver Stirrups Large Gauge Earrings Fall Leaves Red Saba Wood Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings
Elephant Mother of Pearl Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings Golden Horn Earn Hanger | Large Gauge Earrings Perching Owls Carved Bone Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings
Black Mother of Pearl Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings Saba Wood Swan Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings Carved Walrus Bone Ear Weights | Large Gauge Earrings
Peacock Bone Ear Hangers | Large Gauge Earrings Horn Stirrups Large Gauge Earrings Soda Lime Glass Ear Weights | Large Gauge Earrings



Plugs & Tunnels for Stretched Ears

In addition to our 500+ large gauge earrings, we also offer an extensive collection of tunnels and plugs for stretched ears. Whether you're looking for stone plugs, plugs in cool shapes, unique tunnels, organic plugs or tunnels, or some other combination of style, material and design, we have it! Take a look at some of our favorites below, or visit our Plugs & Tunnels section to see our entire selection.

Cool Plugs for Stretched Ears

Painted Leather Flower Plugs for Stretched Lobes Picture Plugs: Worm Double Flare Plugs Carved Turquoise Dragons Set in Wood Plugs
Glass & Steel Plugs for Stretched Lobes Black Wood With 3D Bone Ganesh Elephant Inlay Glass Plugs for Stretched Ears
Sterling Silver Sun on Horn Plugs for Stretched Lobes Negative Space Gold or Silver Cutout Over Shell Wood Plugs Black Plugs With White Dice Inlays
Red Agate Single Flare Stone Plugs With O-Rings Hematite Teardrop Stone Plugs Amethyst Heart Stone Plugs


Unique Tunnels for Stretched Lobes

Green Aventurine Stone Tunnels for Stretched Lobes Silicone Clear Tunnels for Stretched Ears Elementals Evolved Custom Wood Tunnels
Coconut Wood Earlets | Coconut Wood Tunnels for Stretched Ears Threaded Steel Tunnels for Stretched Lobes Horn Eyelet Tunnels With Mother of Pearl Cut-out Inlay
Single Flare Star Tunnels Horn Tunnels With Sterling Silver Interior Dentata Organic Horn Tunnels for Stretched Ears
Sono Wood Tunnels for Stretched Ears Stainless Steel Tunnels for Stretched Earlobes Flared Horn Tunnels With Bone Dust Star Inlays


Other Goodies for Stretched EarsStretching Tape for Stretching Your Piercings More Slowly

Check out these helpful resources for stretching your earlobes and preserving your wood body jewelry:

Stretching Tape - Add a layer to your current jewelry every couple weeks to minimize trauma to your earlobes by stretching more slowly.

Emu Oil - Massage your earlobes with emu oil daily to increase your skin's natural elasticity so that your earlobes will be more accepting of jewelry in a larger size when you insert it.

Tapers for Stretching Earlobes & Other PiercingsJojoba Oil - Preserve your wood plugs, tunnels or large gauge earrings by keeping it coated in jojoba oil. It's also a great moisturizer to use when your earlobes are dry.

Tapers - Check out our selection of tapers in a wide range of sizes; they're a big help when you're trying to swap in larger-gauged jewelry.

Recovery Aftercare Products - After stretching your lobes, it's important to keep them clean. Our Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray is a handy tool that you can easily carry with you, so that you can mist your ears a few times a day to keep them clean and hydrated after stretching. We also carry tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic and moisturizer that will keep your earlobes healthy in between stretches. Just saturate a cotton ball with Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray, and then add a drop of tea tree oil to it before applying it to the front of your earlobe. Repeat with a fresh cotton ball on the back of your earlobe.


Helpful Resources

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