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Healing with Recovery: Testimonials from our Friends

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Dan Lorenzo on Recovery Derm Shield

After reading a few books on Abraham Lincoln last year, I decided I needed to go to Ford's Theater in Washington DC. We live in tumultuous times now, but imagine being at Ford's Theater right after the Civil War and the only man who can bring us together is assassinated by an egomaniac with daddy issues. I loved Lincoln's "with malice towards none" attitude and recently decided I wanted to get an Abraham Lincoln tattoo.

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Two weeks ago, I was flying home from Cleveland and seated right next to me was David Osorio, the owner of Under Skin Art in Bergenfield, NJ. Turns out, David has always wanted to tattoo Lincoln on somebody! "His face has always interested me and of course Lincoln is a great historical figure," Osorio said. David had a last-minute opening recently, so I sat with him and his crew for five hours while David tattooed me. David has a light touch and I have a high tolerance for pain — I could have actually fallen asleep while David was tattooing if it weren't for the tunes cranking in the background!

I brought David some Nocturnal ink to use for the first time, and I called Franco Vescovi to tell him how much David loved his ink. When the tattoo was finished, David wrapped it up with Recovery Derm Shield. What a great product! You can leave it on for 24–48 hours after you get inked, so there is no extra work needed the first two days after getting tattooed. Plus, it's clear so everybody can see your work!

"I use it all the time. I even use it on myself," David said.

Check out more of David Osorio's work on Instagram!

Terrell B. on Recovery Tattoo Salve

Prior to joining the PainfulPleasures family in May 2017, I had no previous tattoo industry knowledge. After a brief stint as Customer Service Manager, I relocated to San Francisco, CA and moved into sales. Other than a few small, scattered tattoos that were more like body stamps than art, I was virtually bare-skinned and a newbie to the industry. I felt like a teenage boy again.

One of those "stamps" was the name of an ex. Yes, I was a foolish twenty-something, thought I was in love, and wanted to make it permanent. As the adage goes, you live and you learn. Luckily, I found Ryan (@bloodmoney_tattoos) at Triple R Tattoo in San Bruno, CA. I looked over his work on Instagram and knew that not only did I want him as my artist, I could trust him with a cover-up. Nervously, I showed him my tattoo, located on my shoulder above the collar bone, and asked him to work his magic. Boy, was I in for a couple hours of pain! It was such a difficult spot, not just for me, but for the artist as well. The end result was a kick-ass black rose complete with vine and thorns — perfect for the cover-up of an ex, right?

So now what? There I was, a freshly tatted sales guy with no idea what to use for aftercare. Years ago with my other tattoos — oops, I mean "body stamps," I would just wash them with some baby soap and apply a thin layer of vitamins A&D ointment. But now with being connected to one of the biggest tattoo supply wholesalers in North America, I had a whole warehouse of aftercare at my fingertips. PainfulPleasures distributes for hundreds of brands, and I was recommended Recovery Tattoo Salve. I was sold on the all-natural, dye-free ingredients and the soothing — not overpowering — scent.recovery tattoo salve, recovery tattoo aftercare

I have sensitive skin with eczema to boot, so I was red and swollen by the time I got home from my appointment. I did my usual wash, patted dry, and then applied the salve. It was very soothing to the skin and after a day's wear, there was no buildup or residue that transferred onto my clothing. After a week of ritualized cleaning and care, I was surprised that there wasn't any noticeable peeling or sloughing of the skin. I had never experienced such rapid healing with previous aftercare methods; why didn't I try Recovery Tattoo Salve sooner?

If you're like me and planning your ink now so you'll be healed up by summer, check out Recovery Tattoo Salve and the full Recovery aftercare line. If my experience is any indication, you'll love the results. Give Triple R Tattoo and Ryan @bloodmoney_tattoos a follow if you're in the SF area — I'm sure you'll love their work!