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Handling Business Like A Boss Lady with Tiffany Tattooz

tiffany tattoozDan Lorenzo:  What is your earliest childhood recollection?
Tiffany Tattooz:  Ironically, my earliest childhood recollection is actually drawing. I used to spend hours upon hours throughout the day just coloring and drawing in all of my coloring books. I remember it being entertaining for me. No wonder I was considered a good kid growing up. I never talked...I would just color and draw all day. [laughs]
What was it like when you were on television?
I would say nerve wracking, overwhelming, and exhausting to the extreme! It's a crazy experience. Imagine what it feels like to think of how in only a few months the world was going to watch you on national TV. You could be portrayed in any way the editors decided to portray you. On top of that, you are being filmed, literally 24/7. It's so exhausting, especially when you are under such great stress. It takes a toll on you mentally and physically. But overall, it was an awesome experience and feeling being on camera when the moments were fun and special. It's not an everyday thing that many people get to experience daily. So I was very glad to be chosen for that opportunity.
What needle configuration do you start off with when you're doing portraits?
For portraits I always use a 3 liner for bloodlining and sharpening up edges. For shading, I use 11-13 Bugpin curved mags.
tiffany tattooz, black and grey portrait tattoo
What's your favorite machine?
FK Iron Spekra. For lining, I use Workhorse machines.
How do you approach a cover up?
For cover ups, I normally take a picture of my client's current tattoo and trace an outline of it. I then decide from there what type of image and design would work to cover the tattoo up. Playing around with the outline traced through Photoshop or using a light table helps me to measure out the appropriate design. I'll create something that has a large amount of detail and a darker background to help cover up some larger areas.  Other than that, while tattooing I take my time while using darker tones in color. I'll pack in some white highlighting in the end and have them come back in 2-3 weeks to make it more saturated one last time .
What is your schedule like now?
Currently, I am booked until next year December 2016. So my schedule is pretty busy!
What do you like to do when you're not tattooing?
Working on new endeavors in life or cleaning seems to be the regular when I am not working. [laughs] I can't remember the last time I was able to just relax. I'm usually trying to keep my shop and home clean, running errands and handling business like a boss lady! [laughs]
Tell me about your shop.
My shop Ink Gallery was established over two years ago. When you enter the shop, you will find large frames of artwork hanging along the walls depicting images of tattoo art. Clients state that the ambiance of the shop is soothing, comfortable, and almost spa-like, which I love to hear. Currently, there are a total of four well-trained and highly experienced artists along with three apprentices, who are all very much so talented as well.
tiffany tattooz portrait, black and grey tattoo
What kind of ink do you use?
I use Eternal, Fusion, and Intenze.
Do you think female tattooers are finally getting the respect they deserve?
Yes, especially after all the tattoo shows that came out. I remember when I first started tattooing over seven years ago... it didn't feel the same as it does now. People respect me and my tattoos so much more now and it's not as tough to feel accepted from other male tattoo artists. It's still a male dominated industry, but I feel more comfortable in it now and I think it's because of the tattoo shows. They really depict some awesome female tattoo artists in this world and people can respect it.
Who are your favorite artists?
Eric Marcinizyn, Juan Salgado, and Fernie Andrade.
Where do you want to be ten years from now?
I want to own 3 business and only want to work part time so I can travel the world more. I have worked really hard in my life, so in 10 years I would like to tame down with over working myself.
tiffany tattooz, black and grey tattoo
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Woodland Park, NJ 07424