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Gift Guide for A Tattoo Inspired Holiday

Pin up jewelry box, tattoo inspired gifts

I’m not even going to tell you how many shopping days you have left until the big day, but your stress levels should be rising by now. Or if you’re psychotic like myself, you wait until at least December 20th, and when you go to the mall you bring a baseball bat to help beat away the rabid shoppers. The hardest part, besides bludgeoning fellow shoppers with a blunt object, is deciding what to get for the people in my life, especially when I have to shop for my grandmother and my tattoo covered friends at the same time. It’s exhausting.

tattoo pillow, tattoo gift ideaThese days, I typically just hit the liquor store, drop a couple hundred dollars, and buy the rest of my gifts online. I’ve had enough of shopping in person. I’d rather sit around in my underwear, drinking coffee, and browsing the pages of online businesses in the privacy of my own home. If you are in the same boat, then I’ve got some great tattoo inspired gift ideas for the ink lovers in your life.

Our tattooed friends and family members tend to have unique styles, which can make buying gifts for them difficult. When it comes to clothes, ditch the red and green Christmas spirit and stick with black or something dark. Painful Pleasures carries a great selection of alternative apparel with tattoo inspired designs. My personal favorites are Black Hope Curse and Sullen Clothing, but check out the Clothing and Accessories section and decide for yourself. You’ll find sweatshirts, pants and shorts, and cuts for both men and women.

For the special someone in your life, we have to consider jewelry at every occasion. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for purchasing a boring pair of silver earrings if your loved one has other piercings. You can get expressive and daring with nipple shields, tongue rings, dermal rings, eyebrow rings, belly button rings, and for your pierced man, you can even get some Prince Albert jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and leather accessories are nice options too. You can find all these items and more in the Body Jewelry section. If you do go with the jewelry route, be sure to check out the Pin-Up Jewelry Boxes from Art by Isadora.

nipple shield, tattoo gift idea

For the bookworm in your life, there are tons of great tattoo books out there. From tattoo history, styles, and methods, to picture books and coloring books - you are sure to find something worthwhile. I recently wrote about Out of Step Books, which even has a special children’s book section including ABC - Tattoo Artists Illustrate the Alphabet and Start Looking Up! The latter is a hardback, written by Jinxi Cadell, one of the owners of Out of Step Books, and it is about having a positive attitude, great for any child of a tattooed friend.

I’ve seen a lot of great tattoo inspired items ranging from throw pillows, dinnerware, and artwork, to handbags and undergarments. There is no shortage of unusual and unique gift ideas on the internet. Although, if the season starts weighing too heavily on your mind and you become overwhelmed by all the decisions, you can always say “eff it” and get a gift card.