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Gear up for the Busy Season

The holidays are over, and good little boys and girls across the nation now have money and gift cards that they're dying to use to get the mods they've been wanting. That means business will be picking up for tattoo and piercing artists everywhere in the coming weeks. Make sure you're prepared for the busy season by stocking up on essential tattoo and piercing supplies for your shop. Where should you start? We have a few ideas for you!


Treat Yourself to a New Tattoo Machine

If you have a little holiday money of your own to burn, why not get yourself a new tattoo machine and start the New Year off in style? We have tattoo machines by all the top brands, including Cheyenne, Feldman, Bishop Rotary, Ego, FK Irons, Stigma Rotary, and many others. Check out some of our hottest sellers below, or view our entire selection of rotary and coil machines in our Tattoo Machines section.

Top Selling Tattoo Machines

Cheyenne Thunder Tattoo Machines FK Irons AL13 Coil Tattoo Machines FK Irons Spektra Halo & Spektra Direkt Tattoo Machines
Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines
The Cheyenne Hawk line of tattoo machines still tops the charts as one of the best on the market. These German-engineered tattoo machines provide all the benefits of rotary machines without sacrificing feedback response.
FK Irons AL13 Coil Tattoo Machines
FK Irons AL13 machines feature 7075 T6 Aircraft aluminum, making them super-light yet indestructible. Choose from cutback liners and shaders, soft shaders and color packers, as well as AL13 RPG cartridge grips in 4 colors.
Spektra Halo & Direkt Tattoo Machines
The Halo Rotary has an array of advanced features and delivers ultimate performance. The Direkt Rotary is the first of its kind with body mounted strokes that stay inside the machine body, making it an ideal dedicated-task machine.
Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines: The Amen, The Beast, The Prodigy & The Hyper V3 CTPS Saveria Coil Tattoo Machines Vital Tattoo Machines Coil Machines
Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machines
Stigma offers 4 top-of-the-line rotary machines that will run for years without problems. Choose from The Amen, The Hyper V3, The Beast, and The Prodigy models, all of which come with Swiss-made Maxon & Faulhaber motors.
CTPS Saveria Coil Tattoo Machines
CTPS Saveria has been hand-crafting beautiful coil tattoo machines in Aregentina for more than 37 years. Choose from micro liners, regular liners, shaders, painters, and micro painters that run strong at low voltages out of the box.
Vital Coil Tattoo Machines
Vital Machines is known for making the lightest, most versatile coil tattoo machines on the market and for maintaining one of the highest build qualities in the industry. They focus on quality, performance, and aesthetic beauty.
Ego Rotary Tattoo Machines Feldman Electric Coil Tattoo Machines Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines
Ego Rotary Tattoo Machines
The Little Ego and Ego Apex rotary tattoo machines designed by renowned tattoo artist Bez of Triplesix Studios in England are super lightweight,  have a wrist-friendly design and are perfectly balanced for maximum needle control.
Feldman Coil Tattoo Machines
Feldman Tattoo Machines are some of the most powerful and consistent tattoo machines on the market. These machines are built for tattooers by tattooers. Feldman Electric understands the industry and is proud of its craftsmanship.
Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines
Bishop's rotary tattoo machines are made of billet aircraft aluminum. They weigh just 4 ounces and have a balanced design that flows with the weight of the tube, giving them a feel of virtual weightlessness that minimizes wrist pain.


Stock up on Tattoo Machine Accessories

What good is a new tattoo machine without the right power supply to drive it? We have a great selection of quality tattoo power supplies from which you can choose, as well as all the other tattoo accessories you need to run your machine, like clip cords, RCA cables, disposable tubes, and more. Check out some of our favorite tattoo accessories below, or visit our Tattoo Power Supplies & Accessories, Disposable Tattoo Tubes, and Tattoo Grips & Accessories sections to see all the tattoo machine accessories we offer.

Tattoo Machine Accessories You Shouldn't Work Without

Tattoo Power Supplies - HY3002D-2 DC Power Supply - 110v or 220v Critical Tattoo Supply CX-1 Generation 2 Micro Power Unit Black Power Supply Precision Tattoo Power Supply Units
110v or 220v HY3002D-2 DC Power Supply
Our HY3002D-2 DC tattoo power supply is one of the most powerful, reliable options you can buy. It comes in your choice of 110v or 220v options.
Critical Tattoo Power Supply Units
We offer 5 Critical tattoo power supply units like the CX-1 Generation 2 Micro Power Unit above. Their power supply units are designed to be mounted to a work surface.
Precision Tattoo Power Supply Units
Our Precision tattoo power supply units provide tattoo artists with quality equipment at affordable prices. Choose from 11 options, like this dual tattoo power supply unit.
Deathless Clip Cords for Tattoo Machines Precision Polarized Right Angle RCA Cable Combo Tattoo Foot Pedal & Clip Cord With Banana Plugs for Use With Our High-Tech Power Supplies
Deathless Clip Cords
Each of these 6'-long black slickcords has a smooth, non-porous exterior, permanently-sealed phono/RCA plug, 1/4" jack mono plug, and a spring clip adapter.
Precision Polarized Right Angle RCA Cable
This super lightweight RCA cable is one of the best 90-degree right angle RCA connections available. The 8'-long cable contains silicone wire that reduces wire tangle.
Combo Tattoo Foot Pedal & Clip Cord
Save time and avoid the hassle of having to worry about two separate parts by purchasing one of these handy combination tattoo foot pedal and 6'-long clip cord units.
Precision Classic Disposable Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets Precision Victory Disposable Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets Precision PreSynergy 1" Tattoo Grips With Your Choice of Plastic or Metal Tips
Precision Classic Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets
These disposable tattoo tube, tip and grip sets come in 3/4" and 1" lengths. Their slender, soft rubber­­ grips have a beehive shape and they have sturdy plastic tubes.
Precision Victory Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets
Ink a winning tattoo every time with our Victory disposable tube, tip and grip sets! They have no-slip, textured-silicone grips, and the grips and tubes are molded as one unit.
PreSynergy Grips & Metal or Plastic Tips
Our PreSynergy disposable grips, tubes and tips give you unparalleled flexibility by allowing you to choose from plastic or metal tips to create your perfect disposable tubes.
Autoclavable, Reusable Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips Kush Tattoo Grip Covers & Other Tattoo Grip Covers Cohesive Wrap for Covering Your Tattoo Grips
Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips
We offer a wide variety of autoclavable stainless steel tattoo grips for artists who prefer reusable grips instead of disposable ones. Pair them with our steel tubes and tips.
Tattoo Grip Covers
Pad your reusable tattoo grip with a Kush grip cover or one of our other comfort grip covers. Our grip covers are shock-absorbent and autoclavable.
Cohesive Wrap Grip Covers
We offer Precision brand cohesive wrap and other coban options that you can use to pad your tattoo grips to the perfect thickness for your comfort and ideal fit.


Protect Yourself & Your Equipment

Maintain a sterile work environment and protect yourself, your clients and your gear with our disposable protective covers. We offer clip cord covers, tattoo sleeves, latex and nitrile gloves, plastic aprons, machine bags, face masks, and a variety of other protective gear for both tattoo and piercing artists in our Tattoo Covers & Protective Gear section. Here are a few of our most popular protective gear options:

Covers & Protective Gear for Tattoo & Piercing Artists

Latex & Nitrile Gloves for Tattoo Artists Face Masks for Tattoo & Piercing Artists Blue Barrier Film to Prevent Cross Contamination
Latex & Nitrile Gloves
We offer 20 different types of latex and nitrile gloves for tattoo and piercing artists. Choose from multiple sizes, powdered and powder-free gloves, and other options.
Face Masks With Ear Loops
Cover your mouth with a face mask when you work to avoid breathing in airborne debris and bacteria and to protect your tattoo or piercing clients from any germs you're harboring.
Blue Barrier Film
Each roll of blue barrier film contains 1200 4"x6" sheets. Use it to cover power supply knobs, lights and more to prevent cross-contamination while you tattoo or pierce.
Rolls of Exam Table Paper Precision Tattoo Sleeves | Protective Gear Precision Clip Cord Covers
Rolls of Exam Table Paper
Cover piercing tables or tattoo chairs with exam table paper for easy clean-up in between clients. Choose from 18" or 21" wide, 225'-long exam table paper rolls.
Precision Tattoo Sleeves
Tattoo and piercing artists alike can benefit from our Precision tattoo sleeves, which protect your forearms while you work. They come in boxes of 100 sleeves.
Precision Clip Cord Covers
Protect clip cords and other cables with our Precision clip cord covers. Choose from regular and extra-long bags and rolls of clip cord cover you can cut to length.
Disposable Black Aprons Precision 6" x 8" Bottle Bags Precision Tattoo Machine Bags
Disposable Black Aprons
Our disposable black aprons come in packs of 100. They're a great tool for keeping your clothes clean and preventing cross-contamination while you work.
Precision Bottle Bags
Use these 6"x8" disposable plastic bottle bags to cover tattoo washer bottles, clean room bottles or other bottles. Each pack contains 200 bags in an easy-dispense box.
Precision Tattoo Machine Bags
Protect your tattoo machine while you work with our disposable Precision machine bags. Each package contains 250 plastic tattoo machine bags in an easy-dispense box.
Precision Dental Bibs 40" x 60" Drape Cloths Precision Grip Sleeve Barriers
Precision Dental Bibs
Precision dental bibs are a great tool for both tattoo and piercing artists. Use them to cover tables before laying out equipment or to protect clients' clothes while you work.
40" x 60" Drape Cloths
Drape cloths are a helpful way to keep your work space clean during needle play or cover tattoo and piercing tables for easy clean-up. They come in bags of 10 and cases of 50.
Precision Grip Sleeve Covers
Each box of 100 disposable Precision brand grip sleeves can be used as barrier protection for Cheyenne grips or any other tattoo grips you like to use when you tattoo.


Let's Get to the Point... With Tattoo & Piercing Needles!

No tattoo or piercing supply order would be complete without needles, and we have all the options you could possibly need to do your job. Pick a category below to start shopping for the tattoo or piercing needles you need to be prepared to do any body modification.Precision Body Piercing Needles

Body Piercing Needles

Tattoo Needles


Other Tattoo & Piercing Supplies

We've barely scratched the surface when it comes to the wide variety of piercing and tattoo supplies we offer. There are just too many great tools and accessories available on our site to show all of them here. Autoclave SterilizersFor instance, we also carry a wide range of tattoo inks, piercing tools, aftercare products, tattoo flash and accessories, studio furniture, machine parts, medical supplies like Sharps containers and autoclaves, and much, much more. Check out our Piercing Supplies and Tattoo Supplies sections to peruse our full selection of tools and accessories for tattoo and piercing artists and shop owners.

We sell all of our products at wholesale prices even to the general public, but industry professionals can save big by purchasing their supplies through Painful Pleasures. We offer reduced prices to tattoo and piercing artists and other industry professionals in our Wholesale Store, where you can save on orders of $100 to $499.99. When placing orders of $500 or more, be sure to shop in our Distributor Store to take advantage of our absolute lowest prices for industry professionals. You can save even more by purchasing select products in bulk; just look in the "Add to Cart" section of any product detail page to see the quantity price breaks we offer. Finally, be sure to utilize the coupons we send out in our weekly newsletters to save an additional 10%-20% on your next order. If you don't already get our e-newsletters, you can sign up by going to your preferred store (Retail | Wholesale | Distributor), scrolling to the bottom of any page, and entering your email address in the sign-up box in the lower-right corner.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and profitable New Year!