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A Fun New Twist on the Traditional Surface Piercing

Titanium Staple Bars

High polished titanium staple bar

Painful Pleasures came out with a new piece of jewelry that puts a fun spin on the traditional surface piercing. It’s called a Surface Staple Bar and resembles exactly what it sounds like: a staple. Here’s a little bit of information about this new mysterious bar. The piece that sits on top of the skin is a flat 28mm bar that has a 3.5mm rise. Anchored underneath the skin are 2 legs that measure 15mm (L) x 1.6mm (W) x 1.0mm (H). Each leg has holes in it to prevent migration while underneath the skin. It’s made from a very high quality implant grade titanium. The awesome part about that is that we can anodize the bar right here in our Hanover, MD Painful Pleasures facility! It’s only 25 cents extra and you can chose from 26 different colors, giving you the opportunity to customize your already unique piercing.

How do they do it?

Staple bar piercing on nape of neck

Looking at this bar I’m sure you’re probably wondering, “How on earth does a piercer get that into my skin?” There are different methods a piercer might try to insert this, but it can be tricky. The newness of this jewelry leaves room for experimentation. They have to use a needle with a gauge big enough to accommodate the thickness of the legs. A 10g needle is large enough, but some could experiment with a smaller gauge needle that has been flattened out. Piercers can penetrate the skin with two different needles and by inserting them at an angle, they can move the legs into position underneath the skin. Some might also try to use a dermal punch.  Whatever method they choose to use, ask them about it first. It’s important to understand how they are going to do it and what you should expect

Blue staple bar with crystal jewels


Different Types of Staple Bars

As of now Painful Pleasures has two different types of staple bars. There is a basic flat staple bar and another one that allows you to personalize it beyond anodizing. You can fit up to three dermal tops of your choice as long as they are 1.2mm internally threaded. Whether you’re interested in three crystal jewels, three opals that are all different colors and sizes, or Mr.Pacman chomping at his ghosts, the options are endless. 

Is a Staple Bar Right for Me?

There are multiple factors to take into account when deciding on something like this. . Location of your staple bar is also important. You should ask questions to make sure you’re on the same page and that you understand exactly what you’re getting into. This is not just a regular piercing, it’s more of an implant. Removal often means some sort of cutting or popping – ouch! The main thing you should consider is the location of your staple bar. For example, if you have long luscious locks, you probably want to avoid getting one of these bad boys on the nape of your neck. There’s always a possibility of rejection so make sure it’s not somewhere obvious like your chest or neck if you don’t want any visible scarring. You also always want to make sure that you’re going to a reputable, professional body piercer that knows what he/she is doing.


These staple bars generally heal easily, because they are sealed inside your body. However, making sure they heal properly is important. You want to do everything you can to try to avoid migration, which could lead to future rejection. Much like a regular piercing, you don’t want to play with it. Only touch it with clean hands, keep it clean, and if you sense any sort of issues, get them checked out by a professional.  You want to make sure you’re doing daily soaks and spraying multiple times a day with our aftercare Recovery Spray. Check out our blog on Aftercare Tips to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to a full and healthy recovery.