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Full Brows, Cat Eyes, and Faux Freckles

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microblading, cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup, Sage Cosmetic TattooAfter a decade of doing my makeup and experimentation with countless styles, I have developed a few daily necessities. Although I don’t wear makeup every day, when I do, the two most important parts of my routine are my eyebrows and winged eyeliner. These are also the most delicate aspects of my daily routine. One sudden movement, like a sneeze or a cat jumping in my lap at just the right time, and my liquid eyeliner ends up somewhere I desperately didn’t want it.

Because these are the most important parts of my daily routine, they’re also the most time-consuming. Sculpting perfectly arched brows and creating a sharp consistent wing of black eyeliner require time, patience, and a steady hand, and I don’t always have each of these tools available to me. Some people find these parts of their daily routine so tiresome that rather than dedicating fifteen minutes of each day to filling in their brows, they seek out permanent makeup in the form of cosmetic tattooing.

microblading, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, Sage Cosmetic TattooPerhaps the best part about permanent makeup is that it is in fact semi-permanent because unlike other tattoos, these are performed with different, gentler tools. Cosmetic tattooing therefore allows for versatility, perfect for constantly changing makeup trends. As faux freckles become popular, or eyebrows return to thinner styles, permanent makeup does not trap faces in worn out trends. Instead, cosmetic tattooing is performed specifically to fade. Whereas typical tattoos are made to last, using heavy duty tattoo machines and lots of bold pigment, cosmetic tattoos employ a small hand tool and light pigment. The techniques used to perform cosmetic tattoos not only allows them to fade much quicker, but also is what makes them appear natural.

Eyebrows are certainly the most popular candidate for permanent makeup, and the most popular form of cosmetic brow tattooing is called microblading. Microblading is when tiny hairlike strokes are created with a stylus and then pigment is deposited into those strokes, thus creating a natural look. Because microbladed brows appear to be naturally full, they do not demand a full face of makeup to complete the look. In fact, since cosmetic tattoos overall are meant to appear natural, they allow many women to feel more confident sporting a makeup-free face.

cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup, faux freckles, Sage Cosmetic TattooCosmetic tattooing is certainly a perfect way to cut down on how much time we spend in front of the mirror every morning, since it is most often used for base makeup like brows and eyeliner. However, since cosmetic tattoos are merely semi-permanent, they allow us to experiment with current trends without permanent commitment. Faux freckles may not be a typical part of an everyday makeup routine, but they are a popular trend in beauty. Much like brows and liner, faux freckles are time-consuming to apply since it involves creating tons of noticeable, but subtle dots. Faux freckles are my favorite way to complete a makeup look. They feel warm, summery, and natural, but unlike my favorite winged liner, I probably won’t wear faux freckles forever. Cosmetic tattooing shaves precious time off the morning routine while still allowing for experimentation with different makeup trends.

Though I’ve been wearing my brows bold and my eyeliner dark and winged for roughly a decade, the brows and liner I wore at 14 looks vastly different from my signature look now. As trends (and even small personal preferences like just how thick the eyeliner should be) change, cosmetic tattoos are a noncommittal method for shortening the morning makeup routine.

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