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Don’t Check Out of Summer Just Yet, Refresh Your Look Instead

Most places are handing out back-to-school ads and some places are already selling Halloween candy, but the Painful Pleasures family isn’t ready to say bye to summer just yet! Our blog post at the start of summer talked about how to keep cool while looking cool with suggestions on how to pair things together for an effortless summer look. How are you doing with that?

Since then, we’ve gotten our hands on some pretty neat new alternative apparel items that are definitely worth checking out – a series of incredibly talented South American tattoo artist tees, a racy women’s swimsuit, and some eye-catching tanks for both men and women just to name a few. We still have over a month of warm weather left, so let’s refresh your summer wardrobe and end this last month of summer with your best look. You can even take comfort in knowing that all you need to do is just throw on a few layers to carry it over into the fall and winter.


sullen angels monokini, bag of skulls swimsuit


We’re so used to seeing simpler bikinis, tankinis, and one pieces, but in the last few years we’ve seen the emergence of bathing suits with extreme cut-outs, multiple straps, and other random embellishments that seem unnecessary for going underwater. Swimsuits aren’t just about serving a function now, it’s a fashion statement. The thing with fashion is this: it’s constantly evolving. It’s a cycle that takes a style that trended in the past and makes something new of it. It’s not always successful, but it’s an absolute hit when it’s right. The alternative apparel industry has naturally taken over the reins because honestly, what can be more alternative than a bold, visually stimulating swimsuit that’ll show off all the ink you have?

This Bag of Skulls monokini from Sullen is bound to catch everyone’s gaze next time you’re at the beach or by the pool. It has a halter neck strap, which keeps your shoulders free from slipping straps, and the extra support of the multi-strap back will hold everything together so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out. Feeling cheeky? The bottom features ruching to show off a little booty. Feeling racy? The front features a decorative fringe tassel zipper that’ll zip down to your abs. People will think that you’re one of Sullen’s very own Sullen Angels with this monokini.


Painful Pleasures’ Cono Sur Series

Some time ago, Painful Pleasures held a little contest for tattoo artists in South America to submit designs for a t-shirt series. Winners would have their designs screen-printed on shirts and we’d distribute them. Of the many competitors, the contest ended with 11 winners, which means 11 new shirts with awesome designs for you guys. Each of these artists bring something unique with their designs, and they all won because they are the best at what they do. Click on the image below to find out browse the Cono Sur Collection:


This Cono Sur t-shirt series takes custom alternative apparel to another level – you won’t find these custom designs elsewhere! Not to mention, these designs are printed on superior quality Next Level t-shirts. They’re lightweight, low maintenance, and morally sound by being sweat shop and child labor free.


Go Sleeveless To Show Off Your Sleeves

sullen men's tank top, tangent tank

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: tank tops are the way to go for the summertime. It’s less clothing without being indecent, easy to wear, great for layering… the benefits are endless for both men and women. Most importantly, being sleeveless means proudly displaying any and all tattoos you have on your arm, elbow, armpit, and wherever else on your upper limbs.

macrame tank top, sullen angels tank top

This men’s Tangent tank by Sullen is a sleek design that is casual and trendy, giving color-blocking an alternative look. Some men won’t go near tanks, but we here at Painful Pleasures say, why not? Soak up that west coast style and vibe. We’ve already told you the benefits – you just have to add it to your cart.

One of the new tank tops we got in for women is this macramé tank from Sullen. The front features a neat tree skull design printed on cool mint fabric, but it’s the macramé back that makes this loose-fitted tank top a must-have piece.


And So the Countdown Begins…

…but as we said from the get-go, summer isn’t over just yet. Let’s ride it out and enjoy the remaining moments that summer has to offer. Let Painful Pleasures help you look good while you’re living those moments. Let yourself be rejuvenated for the end of summer with the cure of new alternative apparel. Keep tabs on our new items page that’ll show new merchandise as they are added to our site, and don’t regret missing out on being able to wear summer clothes once the cooler weather is upon us.