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Destination Tattoo: Artists Worth Traveling For

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Planning a summer trip to a dream destination? Getting inked is a perfect way to make the experience unforgettable. Much better than a souvenir, a tattoo offers a more unique experience than buying something in a gift shop. Plus, a new tattoo won't take up any extra space in your suitcase.

Talented artists willing to do your next tattoo can be found all around the world. When it comes to picking the right artist for your tattoo, it's worthwhile to hold off until you find an artist you love, no matter where they might be. An artist who displays a strong portfolio and makes you feel comfortable is worth traveling for.

Regardless of where or when you plan to travel, there are bound to be plenty of talented artists proudly representing their city. The following artists are just a few tattooers working in popular travel destinations. Their talent alone is reason enough to plan a trip.


Orlando, Florida

Dee Florian • Homesick Tattoo Studio & Gallery

Disney World castle tattoo by Dee Florian

If Universal Studios and Disney World are your chosen vacation destination, Orlando’s Homesick Tattoo Studio & Gallery is worth visiting for Dee Florian. She can send you home with an adorable homage to the unforgettable castle standing tall in the heart of Disney World. Or if you favor the thrills of the Wizarding World, she can help you celebrate your love for the Harry Potter series with a portrait of the darker but similarly beautiful Hogwarts castle. 


Nashville, Tennessee

Mia Graffam • Victory Tattoo

Cowgirl American traditional tattoo by Mia Graffam

Music lovers of all persuasions can have a good time in Nashville, sampling all the barbecue in sight while listening to a variety of local musicians. Nashville tattoo artists frequently gravitate to the American traditional tattoo style, fitting for a city that calls itself the home of American country music. Mia Graffam, owner and artist at Nashville’s Victory Tattoo, can help you remember your trip to the musical city with a bold red rose or a strong cowgirl. 


Waikiki, Hawaii

Jenn Matthews • Skin Deep Tattoo and Piercing

Hula girl traditional tattoo by Jenn Matthews

While Nashville may be home to a vast array of talented American traditional artists, Hawaii is the true home of American tattooing. Jenn Matthews of Waikiki’s Skin Deep Tattoo boasts bold linework and vibrant colors. Hawaii requires no passport for American travelers, and is home to countless unforgettable beaches. Matthews can send you back to the mainland with a Hawaiian shirt-wearing kewpie doll or a hula girl on a beach. 


London, England

Anika Lukins • Vagabond Tattoo

Monochromatic floral tattoo by Anika Louise

Taking trips abroad offers travelers opportunities to experience new cultures and visit historic landmarks. Many travelers take extended trips to Europe, beginning their travels in one city and traveling across the continent. If London is on your travel bucket list, Anika Lukins at Vagabond Tattoo can send you along your travels with a quintessentially British aesthetic. Lukins is multitalented, equipped with a portfolio filled with butterflies, flowers, comic book characters, daggers and much more, and while she works well in multicolored or monochromatic ink, black ink tattoos capture her talents best. Visit Lukins in London for a beautifully shaded black and grey floral reminiscent of the European countryside.

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