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Defying Stereotypes & Tattooing Celebrities with David Pracise


David Pracise tattoo artist, tattoo in progressDan Lorenzo: I've had women tell me there was resistance coming into the tattoo business. Did you ever experience any racism as an African American?

David Pracise: The art of tattooing has become a lot more mainstream lately. Even more so than when I entered the industry six years ago, so the industry is a lot more diverse than it used to be. However, in the course of my career I have experienced some racism as a black tattoo artist. At shops I've worked at in the past, I've been overlooked and had my talent underestimated and some of that I feel was based on my race. But the adversity I have faced just made me work twice as hard to demonstrate how talented I actually am and to represent black tattoos artists in a positive light and not have everyone think of us as "scratchers".


Most of the people I associate with don't care what race or religion you are. I know racism still exists for young black men. When was the last time you experienced it on a personal level?

Being a tattoo artist I have the opportunity to travel and in my travels I have met all different kinds of people. For the most part I've had positive experiences. And any challenges I face I channel into my work and makes me work harder to prove people wrong and to go against stereotypes.


How did you meet Fetty Wap?

met Fetty Wap through mutual friends and connections. Us both being from Paterson helped as well because he already knew who I was and wanted work done. We were just both waiting for the opportunity to find the time in our extremely busy schedules.


Do you feel any extra pressure when you're tattooing him because he's a celebrity?

No not at all. Celebrities are people too and believe it or not, they are actually pretty down to earth.  I treat all my clients the same and I think that helps the client feel comfortable with me. Celebrity or not.


David Pracise tattoo, skull tattoo

What style tattooing is your favorite to do?

My favorite tattoo style is Black and Gray realism. I love realistic tattooing because it's a great way to showcase your talent, and black and gray tattoos are so classic. They look great on all canvases.

What ink do you use most often?

Mostly Eternal and Fusion.


What's your typical needle configuration?

Umm....7 Round Liner and 15 Mag.

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