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On Dedication, Friendship, and Support with Tattoo Artist Jimmy Inks

Tattoo artist Jimmy Inks tattooing a client


Dan Lorenzo: You recently opened your own shop. The other day I was speaking with your former shop owner, David Osorio, and he told me you guys are still tight. I thought industry protocol was such that you have to go to "war" with your old boss as soon as you announce you're opening your own shop? 

Jimmy Inks: I think Dave and I treated each other as friends before "employee/boss," which helped us out. He’s been nothing but helpful every step of the way. I always ask him for advice when I'm unsure of something and he’s always been there to answer.

 Realistic tattoo of Post Malone in black and gray by Jimmy Inks


Was there a specific moment when you were younger that made you want to become a tattoo artist? 

I’ve always been interested in the industry for as long as i can remember, but I never knew I could draw actually. [laughs] I remember sitting in college and thinking, “I hate this sh--” and just dedicated myself to my art, which I ended up being pretty decent at. [laughs]


I feel like you were great as soon as I became aware of you about three or four years ago. You're young and you were obviously even younger when we first met. Were you ever a "bad" tattoo artist? 

I feel as though there’s a learning curve with everyone. I really struggled when I first started. Thankfully for me, I had a few select friends that let me f--- up their legs. [laughs] Eventually, I figured out what worked for me and just took off from there!


Neotraditional tattoo of heart and a hand on a thigh by Jimmy Inks


I know you use Peak Cartridges. What are your other everyday supplies? 

I like to experiment and expand my palettes as much as I can! Although I mostly do black and grey these days, I swear by Eternal Ink, they’re always my go-to. Beyond that I prefer to try all different things, until they become a more permanent fixture in my setup.  


Was there anything you learned about yourself during the coronavirus shut down? 

That I never need another day off again in my life! [laughs] In reality, I learned how much I respect and appreciate all my clients that allow me to experiment with my art and live my life comfortably. How large of a part tattooing is in my life, and that I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


Black and gray realism tattoo of Hogwarts by Jimmy Inks    

Is there anything else you want to tell our readers? 

Support good tattooing! Especially during these trying times. Many local and even world-renowned artists are making art and prints, etc. available for sale to support themselves. And if you have the ability to support, I'm sure it would mean a lot!



Check out more work by Jimmy Inks on Instagram, @jimmyinks.

Neotraditional tattoo of a dinosaur on an arm by Jimmy Inks