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Customize Your Jewelry!

Why buy a standard piece of body jewelry that only comes in sizes X, Y & Z and a few colors when you can get super-custom jewelry from Painful Pleasures? We offer more custom body jewelry style, material, size, and color combinations than you'll find anywhere else online! And when we're creating a really unique piece for you, like a custom PA wand, our talented jewelry artisans will work with you to make sure you end up with an amazing piece that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

So what types of custom body jewelry do we offer? 

  • Unbreakable Jewelry - Unbreakable is a line of handmade jewelry designed by our resident artisans that's fabricated one piece at a time, to customer specifications, in our Maryland warehouse. Unbreakable jewelry is crafted from a variety of metals, including niobium, titanium, steel, and 14k white, yellow and rose gold. Our artisans make the design you've chosen in the gauge you need, keeping your other size requirements in mind as they go (e.g. specified diameter). Next, they'll add the color you've selected to the metal and finish it by hand polishing it to a lustrous shine. The end result is stunning pieces like the orbs, daith hearts, tear drop captive rings, and spiral earrings shown below.

    16g Hearts for Ear Piercings by Jeremy Smith    18g - 6g Niobium Tear Drop Captive Bead RingsOrbs for Daith Piercings by Jeremy SmithSolaris Opal & Niobium French Hook Earrings
  • Elementals Evolved Organic Jewelry - Our new Elementals Evolved line takes our Elementals Organics jewelry to the next level! Elementals Evolved is organic, custom jewelry that's crafted from exotic woods right here at Painful Pleasures. Our talented artisans start with moist tropical woods like olive wood and pink ivory, slowly dry it through a proprietary process to minimize shrinkage post-production, then carefully carve it into plugs or tunnels in your choice of styles and sizes. The finished product is always attractive, organic custom jewelry that you can enjoy for many years to come. Here are just a few examples of the options currently available in our rapidly-expanding Elementals Evolved custom jewelry line:
    ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Olive Wood Small Hole Single Flare Plugs - Custom Made ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Pink Ivory Wood THIN Walled Hollow Double Flare Plugs - Custom Made ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Blood Wood Solid Double Flare Plugs - Custom MadeELEMENTALS EVOLVED Olive Wood Hollow Double Flare Plugs - Custom Made
  • Limitless Custom JewelryOur Limitless line offers truly infinite possibilities for custom body jewelry. Just select a product, like the solid wood custom plugs or custom pendants shown below, specify your desired size, choose from our graphics or send us one of your own, and we'll create custom jewelry for you that's laser-engraved with your chosen design! We can also add an image of your choice to hand-polished or black single-flare or double-flare plugs and cover it with a thin layer of resin that protects the image while keeping your new plugs as lightweight as possible.

    Limitless Solid Wood Laser-Engraved Plugs - Design Your Own Custom Plugs! Limitless Custom Pendants Limitless Custom Plugs - Design Your Own Custom Plugs & Tunnels!

Start shopping for your dream piece of custom body jewelry now!