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Custom Body Jewelry by Painful Pleasures

Unbreakable Daith Hearts: Niobium, Steel, Rose Gold, and Other Daith Heart Options There are thousands of different styles of "stock" body jewelry available--things like our standard belly button rings, bent barbells, captive bead rings, and PA wands that are manufactured en masse to give you oodles of attractive jewelry options at affordable prices. Stock jewelry is great because it's usually inexpensive and offers tons of choices, but why settle for it when you can get custom jewelry made by hand at Painful Pleasures for a reasonable price? If you didn't know we offered affordable custom jewelry, it's high past time you learned about our handmade jewelry lines!


Unbreakable Custom Jewelry

Unbreakable is Painful Pleasures' premier line of custom jewelry. As the brand's tagline says, Unbreakable jewelry fuses strength with style to deliver delicate, elegant body jewelry that's more durable than it may first appear. It's unique handmade jewelry that's crafted to last, as well as to fit your piercings perfectly. Unbreakable Niobium Yin or Yang Rings for Rook and Daith Piercings The line includes unusual cartilage rings made specifically for rook and daith piercings, spiraled French hook earrings with dangling chains of opal beads inside, daith hearts in a variety of sizes and materials, hand-crafted septum pinchers, both traditional captive bead rings and captives in unique shapes like hexagons and teardrops, coil weights, delicate-looking dangle captive earrings, Endless Options jewelry that you can adorn with any dermal top of your choice, and more. You can currently choose from more than 120 designs, and we're constantly adding more options to our Unbreakable custom jewelry collection to give you the variety you crave.

When you order a piece from our Unbreakable custom jewelry line, you'll find that there are multiple ways to customize it. You can specify various aspects of the jewelry, such as the gauge, diameter or length, material, metal color, bead type, and/or bead color. If you pick one of our Endless Options pieces, you can further customize your Unbreakable jewelry by pairing it with your favorite dermal top, and you can change tops as often as you like. Once we have your order, our talented team of artisans will craft each piece of Unbreakable custom jewelry you've purchased to meet your exact specifications, and they'll do it right here in our Maryland workshop, which means that every piece of Unbreakable jewelry is made in the USA.

Words really don't do our Unbreakable custom jewelry line justice, so we've included a few samples of the exquisite designs you'll find in this collection below to whet your appetite for beautiful, affordable handmade jewelry. You can browse the full line and see what each piece costs by visiting our Unbreakable Handmade Jewelry section.

Unbreakable Jewelry: Fusing Strength With Style

Niobium Hex Captive Bead Rings | Unbreakable Custom Jewelry Unbreakable Endless Options Jewelry | Customize It With Your Favorite Dermal Top! Niobium Halo Captive Rings for Daith Piercings | Unbreakable Handmade Jewelry
Niobium Hex Captive Bead Rings Endless Options Jewelry* Niobium Halo Daith Rings
Solaris French Hook Earrings With Opals | Unbreakable Custom Jewelry Niobium and Opal Orbs | Daith Jewelry | Unbreakable Handmade Jewelry Niobium Squidgies | Unbreakable Custom Earrings
Solaris French Hook Earrings Niobium & Opal Daith Orbs Niobium Squidgies
Titanium or Niobium Ribbon Earrings | Unbreakable Custom Earrings Treble Clef Earrings | Unbreakable Handmade Earrings Tail Spirals | Unbreakable Custom Earrings
Titanium or Niobium Ribbons Treble Clef Custom Earrings Niobium or Titanium Tail Spirals
Unbreakable Teardrop Captive Bead Rings | Unbreakable Custom Jewelry Titanium or Niobium D-Ring Septum Pinchers | Unbreakable Custom Jewelry Unbreakable Niobium Coil Weights | Unbreakable Handmade Jewelry
Tear Drop Captive Bead Rings Titanium or Niobium D-Ring Pinchers Niobium or Steel Coil Weights

*Endless Options jewelry can be further customized with any dermal top that has a matching thread pattern.


Elementals Evolved Custom Jewelry

Elementals Evolved is part of our Elementals Organic jewelry collection, but each piece is hand-crafted to your exacting specifications in our Hanover, Maryland, workshop rather than being made in Indonesia like our other organic jewelry. Elementals Evolved Thin Walled Blood Wood Tunnels | Custom Plugs and Tunnels This line is currently smaller than our Unbreakable custom jewelry collection, but we're expanding the selection regularly. Right now you can choose from 25 different styles of plugs and tunnels in larger gauges that are carefully crafted from exotic woods like olive wood, blood wood, pink ivory wood, Amboyna Burl wood, Gaboon ebony wood, zebra wood, and more. 

You'll find both single- and double-flare plugs and tunnels in a range of styles and wood types in our Elementals Evolved collection. Whichever style you choose, you can customize it by specifying the wood type, diameter, and wearable area you want us to incorporate into your custom plugs or tunnels. We'll make your Elementals Evolved jewelry to order, carefully carving it to the right size, and then sanding and buffing it to an ultra-smooth finish before shipping it to you. Please allow one to two weeks for us to create your Elementals Evolved custom tunnels or plugs.

You can check out a few examples of the designs you'll find in our Elementals Evolved collection below, or visit our Elementals Evolved Organic Jewelry section to shop our full selection.

Elementals Evolved Custom Plugs & Tunnels

Elementals Evolved Organic Jewelry: Thick-Walled Hollow Double-Flare Wood Plugs Solid Flat Double-Flare Blood Wood Plugs | Elementals Evolved Custom Jewelry Hollow Concave Thick-Walled Mayan Double-Flare Wood Plugs | Elementals Evolved Handmade Jewelry
Flat Thick Wall Double-Flare Wood Tunnels Solid Flat Double-Flare Blood Wood Plugs Concave Mayan Double-Flare Tunnels
Elementals Evolved Custom Jewelry: Solid Flat Top Hat Wood Plugs Elementals Evolved Custom Made Double Flare Wood Plug with Indonesian Brass Insert Tunnel Elementals Evolved Hollow Thin-Walled Double-Flared Olive Wood Plugs | Custom Tunnels for Stretched Lobes
Solid Flat Top Hat Wood Plugs Custom Wood Plugs With Bali Brass Inserts

Thin Wall Double Flare Olive Wood Tunnels

Elementals Evolved Custom Tunnels: Concave Thin-Walled Mayan Wood Tunnels Elementals Evolved Custom Plugs: Solid Flat Double Flared Pink Ivory Wood Plugs Elementals Evolved Hollow Concave Thick-Walled Double Flare Wood Plugs
Concave Thin Wall Mayan Wood Tunnels Flat Double Flare Pink Ivory Wood Plugs Concave Thick Wall Double Flare Tunnels


Note: Your Elementals Evolved custom jewelry will look great for years to come as long as you properly care for it. You should keep it out of direct sunlight, massage jojoba oil into your custom plugs or tunnels every few weeks to nourish and maintain the wood, and avoid getting your Elementals Evolved jewelry wet if at all possible. If it does get wet, the wood may swell and become misshapen or crack, so remove your jewelry, dry it off, and let it finish air drying before re-inserting it in your stretched lobes or other stretched piercings.


Limitless Custom Picture Plugs in Steel Tunnels | Custom Plugs and TunnelsLimitless Custom Jewelry

Our Limitless jewelry line offers you infinite ways to create unique, custom body jewelry ranging from plugs to pendants and beyond. Start by choosing a custom jewelry style, then tell us what size you want it to be, choose your preferred wood type where applicable, and put the finishing touch on your customizations by either sending us your own graphics or choosing a design from our extensive library. If you select one of our photo plug options, you can send us any photo and we'll make you the most unique custom plugs in the world! When you choose one of our laser-engraved options, we'll etch your chosen design right onto the wood body jewelry you've selected. Can you see now how this collection truly offers limitless possibilities?!

Visit our Limitless Custom Jewelry section to start making unique custom jewelry for yourself or as a personal gift for a friend or loved one. You can see a few examples of our Limitless design options below, too. Just click a Limitless custom jewelry image to go straight to its product detail page and begin the customization process.

Limitless Jewelry, Infinite Possibilities

Limitless Laser Etched Wood and Steel Tunnels | Custom Plugs and Tunnels Die Cut Custom Laser Etched Pendants | Custom Pendants by Limitless Featuring Your Art Laser Engraved Limitless Wood Plugs | Custom Plugs Featuring Your Art
Limitless Custom Dog Tags | Wood Custom Pendants Shaped Like Dog Bones Limitless Custom Picture Plugs Set in Steel | Picture Plugs Custom Pendants | Limitless Oval Wood Personalized Pendants
Limitless Fake Plugs | Picture Fake Plugs Limitless Custom Pendants | Laser Engraved Wood in Steel Custom Pendants Limitless Acrylic Picture Plugs | Custom Plugs Featuring Your Photos


Painful Pleasures Custom PA Wands

Custom Prince Albert Wands by Painful Pleasures | Custom PA Wands A Prince Albert wand is one of the most intimate pieces of body jewelry a man can purchase. If you're going to invest in one, it's important to get a PA wand that fits you perfectly rather than just well. We understand, and that's why we now make custom Prince Albert jewelry in house for our customers. That way we can work closely with you throughout the production process and create a PA wand that fits your exact specifications. When you purchase one of our custom Prince Albert wands, you'll be delighted with the results. The fit and feel will be as close to perfection as you can possibly get.

Visit our Custom Prince Albert Jewelry section to peruse all of our basic PA wand models. You'll find a wide variety of options that have different features to suit different male genital piercing arrangements. They come with and without captive rings attached, in pinless and pin varieties, and in a myriad of hybrids in between.


Other Custom Jewelry Options

Starburst Custom Dermal Top | Custom Dermal Jewelry | Custom Dermal Tops In addition to Painful Pleasures' Unbreakable, Elementals Evolved, Limitless, and Custom PA Wand collections, we also offer unique custom jewelry created by other top body jewelry manufacturers. Shop for Gorilla Glass jewelry like plugs, tunnels, conch pins, pendants, and even hair ties with handmade glass decorations, beautiful custom made dermal tops featuring cool designs, jewels, and quality setting materials like 14k yellow or white gold, custom belly button rings, other threaded custom jewelry, and more. Check out our Custom Jewelry section to see our full selection of custom-made jewelry options.