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Coordinating Your Body Jewelry: Indie/Feather Jewelry

Elementals Organics Feather Large Gauge EarringsHere at Painful Pleasures, we carry thousands of pieces of jewelry. Some come in a variety of different colors, which leaves you with millions of possibilities to create your own combinations of matching jewelry.

Today, let’s talk about creating one of those combinations using Indie jewelry featuring feathers and other cool designs to show what a free spirit you are! Below, we’ve provided at least two jewelry options for each popular piercing to help you pull off the Indie/feathers look.

Feather Jewelry for Your Ears

First things first, let’s start with ears. If you have the holes, why not dress ‘em up? It doesn’t matter if you have stretched ears or not, there’s always a way to accessorize uniquely. Take a look at the gorgeous standard piercing-sized organic dangle earrings below. Not only can you wear these in regular sizes, you can also wear them in your stretched ears! This is possible with hollow AND solid plugs. With hollow plugs like the ones below, you can just insert the hooks through the ornate design. Another way you can wear these with stretched ears is to place them underneath the plugs in your ears. Cool stuff, right?!

Triple Feather Dangle Earrings Made From Bone and Horn

We offer these organic earrings as double feather dangle earrings with surgical steel posts, too. 

White Triple Feather Earrings Made of Bone - Organic Body JewelryBlack Feather Earrings Carved From Horn - Organic Body Jewelry

Crushed Turquoise Feather Earrings

These gorgeous turquoise earrings have been hand-carved from bone to create a feather-like shape.

Organic Bone and Crushed Turquoise Feather EarringsOrganic Crushed Turquoise and Bone Feather Earrings

Sterling Silver Hollow Plugs and Solid Brass and Wood Plugs

Check out our full collection of organic plugs in our Elementals Organics body jewelry section. 

Silver Hollow Plugs With Intricate DesignBrass Owl Wood Plugs - Organic Body Jewelry

Feather Jewelry for Daith and Cartilage Piercings

This cartilage jewelry would be a great addition to your ears, too!
Feather Earring With Cartilage Earring and ChainCustom Daith Earring With Multiple Stones

Feather and Dreamcatcher Belly Button Rings

Next, let’s talk about belly button jewelry. Dreamcatchers and feathers are a perfect match. Below are a couple of adorable belly rings that go with our Indie/feather jewelry theme. Since this theme is all about being a free spirit, what piece of jewelry could go better with this look? Wear your feather belly button ring with a cute crochet crop halter top, or take it for a spin in your swimsuit at the beach. Spring and summer are almost here, so it’s the perfect time to show off these puppies! 

Dreamcatcher Belly Button Rings With Dangling FeathersDreamcatcher Belly Ring With Feathers, beads and Gems

Feather Dangle Belly Button Rings

These are just a few of the stunning designs from our Belly Button Rings section, where you'll find more than 1,350 belly rings.

Feather Navel RingsFeather Belly Ring With Gems

Real Feather Belly Button Rings

For a truly Indie look, incorporate a belly button ring with a real feather dangling from it into your summer ensemble.

Gray and Blue Feather Belly Button Ring With Orange BeadsIndian Feather Belly Ring With Gems and Beads

Nose Rings for Indie Ensembles

Complement your Indie jewelry theme with one of our awesome nose rings. Check out our brand new decorative septum rings, shown below; they're just two of the many pieces in our septum jewelry collection. Don’t have your septum pierced? We also have nose rings for nostril piercings, too! 

Custom Sterling Silver Septum Ring18k Gold Plated Septum Jewelry

White Gold Dragonfly Nose ScrewHammerhead Nose RingsYellow Gold Dragonfly Nose Screw

Other Organic Accents for a Rockin' Indie Ensemble

Seal the deal and lock up this adorable look with one of our gorgeous organic rings and our hair picks! We have tons of beautiful rings (single rings as well as triple finger rings) and gorgeous wooden hair picks accented with everything from abalone to sterling silver in our Elementals Organics section. Our hair picks are the perfect way to put your hair up and show off your newly decorated ears. With our feathery earrings and belly rings, these gorgeous organic accents for your hair and hands, and your clothes, you’ll be an Indie dream from head to toe!

Triple Finger Rings

These stunning 3-finger rings are just a couple examples from our Elementals Organics Ring & Bracelet Collection

Crushed Turquoise Inlaid in Areng WoodCarved Bone and Areng Wood Triple Finger Ring

Organic Wood Hair Picks

The hair picks below are from our Elementals Organics Hair Pick Collection.

Organic Wood Hair Picks Accented With Other Natural MaterialsSilver and Sono Wood Organic Hair Sticks

Sono Wood and Abalone Organic Feather Hair Pick

Make This Indie Love Affair Your Own

The possibilities are endless when it comes to feathery Indie jewelry! There’s tons of other stuff you could match with this theme. Body jewelry is a great part of our culture, so why not show off your favorite pieces? Mix them with your most Indie-licious outfits to create your own unique looks!

We hope you enjoyed this first post in our Coordinating Your Body Jewelry Series. If you have any suggestions for future topics in this series, drop us a line at [email protected]