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Coffee Loving Tattoos to Wake You Up

coffee tattoo, traditional tattoo, black and grey tattoo, Kaja Karolina tattoo, Sarah Louise Meyer tattoo

espresso tattoos, coffee tattoos, minimalist tattoos, Peta Heffernan tattooCoffee inspires, energizes, and demands. It wakes us up in the morning, and it perks us up in the afternoon. It even keeps us going during late night work sessions. It provides the energy we need to make it through the day, and it warms us up when we’re cold. For some coffee drinkers, their morning cup accompanies a leisurely reading of the news, and for others, their coffee is little more than a necessity, demanding we drink it if we expect to make it through the day. Iced, hot, or served as an espresso shot, coffee comes in countless varieties, and most devotees have a particular go-to beverage. For me, regardless of how cold it is outside, I can most often be found drinking my coffee iced with ample cream (preferably of the coconut milk variety) and without added sweetener. Others swear by a cup of hot black coffee. Regardless of how you take your coffee, it’s likely that not only are your preferences strong but also that your relationship to it is a little more than casual.

These coffee-inspired tattoos demonstrate the critical hold that coffee has on many of us. Although its role in the morning routine makes it sound like little more than a chore, these tattoos prove coffee is both an energy boost and a beloved morning staple. Some of these tattoos are simple, like the colorful “Need coffee” declaration on the forearm of one dedicated coffee drinker. Others are similarly simple, paying tribute to the tools that help deliver our daily dose of espresso. For regular coffee drinkers, the need for a fix is almost natural. Many don’t begin to feel human again until after they’ve had that first cup of coffee in the morning, and some might require multiple cups or a beverage with extra shots. That primal need for caffeine in the morning drives us to the mug.

coffee tattoo, cat tattoo, Julia Marczukiewicz tattooStill clad in pajamas, the subject of this tattoo lays her still-sleepy-but-smiling face down beneath the spout of an espresso machine. Doing what many coffee lovers have likely envisioned, she bypasses the mug and goes straight for the caffeine.

Though coffee may be both a delicious luxury and a necessity of survival, it’s clear that lots of coffee drinkers relish their habit. Many of us have trouble functioning before we’ve had our daily dose, but because coffee boasts countless delicious varieties, satisfying our need for caffeine can be more of a treat than a chore.

You can learn a lot about a person through how they take their coffee, and we can learn a lot about these coffee lovers through their tattoos. For those who take their coffee black, we can probably assume they’re no-nonsense people who drink coffee more for the boost than for the pleasure. Those who enjoy a simple black coffee may like similarly minimalist tattoos, like this illustrative image of a coffee plant. The owner of this tattoo likely relishes the different flavor notes in the coffee itself, preferring not to dress it up in sweetness and milk.

Tattoos and coffee go hand in hand. Coffee preferences and body mods act as a small window into our identity—whether we like sweet or bitter flavors, bold colors or muted black and greys—for anyone who subscribes to the coffee-loving lifestyle, it becomes a habit and an aspect of our individuality.

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