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Catching Up with Tiffany Tattooz

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Tiffany Tattooz | Photo by DPiCREATIVE


Dan Lorenzo: OK Tiff. I have to be honest. I really like you, Caesar and Dutchess from VH1's Black Ink, but I just can't watch the show because of all the drama. Is that why you're no longer on the show?

Tiffany Tattooz: [laughs] Yes, I'm not really about that drama life. I kind of got into it expecting there to be some type of drama, but I would've never thought it would have escalated that intensely. I definitely didn't have the patience for it.

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Being on television is great, but do you see yourself on television again or do you think that chapter of your life is over?

Oh yes, I am definitely trying to be on TV again. I think it's a fun and an exciting thing to experience in life. My last "TV time" wasn't the greatest, but that didn't discourage me. I'm trying to do it again,  just a different show.


I know you have a pet rabbit. Are you like my wife and I where you find it odd that people can love their dog or cat yet still eat pigs and cows?

Yes! [laughs] I have a rabbit named Thumper; he is the coolest pet ever. He acts like a dog. I've always been a huge animal lover so when veganism started to get a little more popular, I was interested in knowing more, but oh my God... when I saw those graphic slaughter videos of what they do to those poor animals it changed my perspective on a lot of things. People really try to say dogs and cats are different from pigs and cows. At the end of the day, they all feel pain and being slaughtered is horrible, whether dogs, cats, pigs... I don't care. I don't want to see any type of animal hurt like that.


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When did you stop eating meat?

It was March 2016... so about a year and a half ago.


Are you still learning new tattoo tricks?

Yes of course.

Who did you learn something from recently?

I'm always trying to ask questions, but a lot of tattoo artists don't like to give you their secrets. [laughs] Honestly I think I just need to sit down and watch how a reputable artist works, you know? There's a certain technicality to tattooing that I think makes an artist's work immaculate. I asked Fernie Andrade a few questions not too long ago on Instagram, he was helpful but my work is still not like his so I need to watch him someday. [laughs]


Last month I interviewed Vic, who now has her own business. She spoke very highly of you. Have you ever had any problems with employees?

Every tattoo shop has problems with employees as a business owner; not everyone is going to be on your side since you are the boss. And we are artists... artists are like very free, complicated sometimes. They express themselves and emotions very differently so they're a tougher crowd to understand. [laughs] A lot usually come and go, but I think I have been pretty lucky compared to most shops. I have a good team and Vic was one of them. It was just time for her to do her own thing and I get it. I have been on the same boat that's why I have my own now. I'm happy for her. Not everyone can do it and she did.

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Tell me about your "side" business.

So, I have an online business called The Healing Hut. I basically sell products for mind, body, and spirit. I sell a lot of metaphysical things like crystals, aromatherapy, meditation music, self-help books, and so on. It's my little side business. Keeps my focus not only on tattoos but a way to help others. I love it.


I know you'll be tattooing at Inked Out NJ in Secaucus. Do you have any openings that weekend?

Unfortunately no! I booked out for the convention last year.  I usually book out a year ahead of time.



tiffany tattooz, ink gallery nj, black and grey tattoo

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