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Bronson Coddington on Growth and a Love for Comics

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Dan Lorenzo: We both stopped eating meat for similar reasons. Do you encourage your friends to try to go meatless?

Bronson Coddington: I would encourage EVERYONE to be conscious of where they get their food from. Eating a plant-based diet has made a huge impact in my life, but I understand that it is not for everyone. I would encourage eating meals that focus on a more plant-based structure, but the biggest factor to me is to not support corrupt agricultural co-operations. We vote with our dollar and knowledge is power, so eat fresh and support local-honest businesses.


It seems to me your love of comic books shows up in your work fairly often. What were the first comics that you got into?

I owe a lot of my career and love of art to anime/comic books. [laughs] It all started with Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men ‘92, and Dragonball Z when I was a kid. From there I was hooked — I spent countless hours drawing characters and some of my favorite scenes! I still love watching anime/reading comic books, it’s a part of my life I will not give up! Naturally, it is one of my favorite subjects to work with and I want to focus on doing more anime/superhero style tattoos.

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You told me you still want to learn and grow as an artist. How do you do that exactly when you're already really great?

Everyday and every new project presents a new opportunity to grow as a tattooer. There are always lessons and techniques I can learn from other artists I respect and look up to! Whether it’s learning new methods or working with new equipment, I am always hungry for more. I have been fortunate enough to meet and work alongside some really great talent that helped pave the way from where I am at today. I still have so much more room to grow, and I will do everything in my power to strive for more. I always say, “The day you think there is nothing left to learn, is the day you hang up the towel.”


I know you love doing color. When somebody asks for you to do a black and grey tattoo, is that a challenge for you?

I actually do just as much black and grey tattoos as I do color! I take every single tattoo I do as a challenge and embrace it head on. I have a deep love and appreciation for color, so generally, I do get more enjoyment from doing it. I still do enjoy doing black and grey and want to continue doing both.

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What's your basic set up when you're tattooing?

My basic set up starts with a proper sterile environment. Currently I am using the Cheyenne Sol Nova, which is by far my favorite machine on the market. I  follow the growth in the tattoo industry, so I always like trying out new products that are on the market. My constants are Hive Caps, Dip Caps, Hustle Butter ointment, Cheyenne disposable grips, and World Famous Ink.

Bronson Coddington tattoos at Okami Tattoo in Newfoundland, NJ. For more work by Bronson, check out his Instagram @bronbronink.