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Binge-worthy Food Tattoos

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Indulgent foods inspire dedication. That dedication may take the form of entire restaurants dedicated to one particular food—take pizza joints or burger restaurants for example—or it may inspire delectable food tattoos, from hyperrealistic pastries to illustrative meats and cheeses.

Food not only inspires dedication but also serves as the centerpiece upon which holidays are celebrated. For many, the next few weeks are likely to be filled with meat, pie, and potatoes, along with some fun family reunions and perhaps some awkward conversations. Regardless of our family ties, a shared love for indulgent foods brings us together during the holidays, whether our grandparents approve of our tattoos or not.

Food tattoos adorn the bodies of chefs and foodies alike, professing a love for essential ingredients like garlic and guilty pleasures like french fries.

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A simple peach and fig make for a mouthwatering introduction to food-inspired tattoos.


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Video game character, Kirby, sits atop an ice cream cone in this tattoo encompassing all varieties of delicious foods. Kirby himself is known for loving food of all kinds, and in fact, Kirby’s special video game abilities change depending on what he has ingested, whether it’s edible or not. In the countless games featuring this cute pink hero, Kirby boasts an extra strength inhale that allows him to absorb enemies and grow faster, stronger, and gain special abilities that vary depending on who exactly Kirby has ingested. Kirby serves as a binge-eating inspiration, ingesting anything that looks tasty.


food tattoos, minimalist tattoos, Nico Traditional tattoo

With buttery, flaky crusts, airy dough, and their unique shape, croissants pair perfectly with coffee or tea. Walk into any coffee shop and odds are their pastry case will offer croissants. This black and grey tattoo perfectly captures the soft layers of dough.


food tattoos, minimalist tattoos, Kenfa Wong tattoo

An ode to an undeniably iconic food, this minimalist hot dog tattoo is both hilarious and genius. Consisting of only four lines, the tattoo is clearly a hot dog. A hot dog, bun, and a squiggle of condiments make up this creative rendition of a classic American food.


food tattoos, minimalist tattoos, Sophie Bee tattoo

Charcuterie boards make for some of the most visually and delectably appealing appetizers. Though real charcuteries are characterized by their variety of colors, flavors, textures, and kinds of foods, this miniature tattoo takes a minimalist approach, incorporating the different foods: cheese, fruits, and crackers. The soft lines and shading, along with the black ink, exults the primary appeal of charcuterie boards — the elegance and simplicity of simple ingredients and careful pairings.


food tattoos, Adventure Time tattoos, Miriam Gattara tattoo

This little sushi tattoo combines a love of food and the wildly popular Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. BMO the robot stands in for the centerpiece of the sushi roll. BMO is a versatile companion to Finn and Jake, the main characters of the show. He can function as a television, a computer, and a video game console. He can even fight enemies with special abilities. BMO’s powers are as versatile as the ingredients of sushi.


food tattoos, traditional tattoos, Lucia Pardi tattoo

Garlic, fish, and herbs set the table for a delicious tattoo with American traditional influences. While many of these delectable tattoos either take a minimalist or a maximalist approach, this piece incorporates the simplicity of delicious ingredients alongside the bold lines and colors of the American traditional style.


food tattoos, friendship tattoos, tiny tattoos, Inking Kali tattoo

Cut an avocado in half and the seed will remain stuck to one side, leaving an empty space on the other. Since each half is incomplete without the other, avocados make for a perfect friendship tattoo.


food tattoos, cute tattoos, Nikko tattoo

This cute tattoo marries a love for french fries and body positivity. The proud statement “thighs by fries” declares an allegiance to salty food over an overtly health-conscious diet.

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