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Behind the Scenes at PainfulPleasures: The Creative Department

painful pleasures creative team, limitless team
Top:  Addison, Brian, Laurent | Bottom:  Quintin, Meeseun (Left to Right)

Hi. We’re the Creative Department at Painful Pleasures. I know we look like a promotion for a new sitcom on your local network, but this is likely the only photo you’ll see of us this poised as a group. Expect to see more of these pictures in the upcoming months as we go behind the scenes at our Painful Pleasures facilities, exploring the processes and people that make up the different departments.

milkcrate creative space

You may already know the Creative Department at Painful Pleasures as the Limitless team. What started as simply giving the option to customize and engrave our products, has developed into the brand it is recognized as today:  Limitless. Limitless now offers everything from custom printing and design to branding and advertising. We create package designs, web designs, and take professional photographs. Limitless and Painful Pleasures also now manage a multi-purpose facility together called the Milkcrate Creative Space. This space is designed to host art exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and more.

The thing is we’ve written on Limitless and our services before, and judging by some of these orders, many of you like to shop for our engraved wood plugs or use our custom displays and signs for your studio. So let’s not waste any more time talking about what the Painful Pleasures Creative Department can do – let’s actually talk about us.

Addison, Limitless Creative Director

Addison is the Creative Director of our team, i.e. the person who keeps everything running smoothly. Providing copious amounts of coffee and setting the ambience with low light to get our creative juices flowing are just a few of the things he does for us. He might even turn on some Alanis Morissette to get us really in tune with our emotions, but at that point, the rest of guys are more than eager to drown it out with Fetty Wap.

Addison is the main point of contact when it comes to all things print and design, whether it is for Painful Pleasures or for our Limitless clients. He helps PainfulPleasures and clients realize their vision and takes things from “It’s not terrible…” to “This is awesome!”

Laurent, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Laurent is the Graphic Designer and Illustrator of the Creative Department. Here you can see him working so hard that I’m pretty sure he didn’t even know that this picture was being taken. His work features a unique and striking style, and if any of our Limitless promotional flyers caught your eye or intrigued you, we can all thank Laurent’s creative genius for it.

Quintin, our talented in-house Photographer, hears one thing from us constantly: “Just… work your magic, man.” He may be the youngest employee at Painful Pleasures, but his work truly proves that age ain’t nothing but a number. 

Limitless Photographer, Quintin

Between shooting product photos and videos for industry brands, managing the Limitless social media accounts, and being unbelievably patient when it comes to applying any type of signage (which includes banners, vinyl, giclee prints, and more), Quintin also takes care of all custom products that need engraving. That’s right - those sacred geometry engraved wood plugs you’re wearing? Quintin did that. He was the one who came up with some of our most popular engraved wood plug designs.

Brian, the most recent addition to our Creative team, is our Web Programmer. He spends his time developing and troubleshooting issues for Painful Pleasures, and also develops websites for industry-related brands, artists, and studios. Brian is truly a man of many talents. Besides being a full stack developer, he also teaches computer science at a local college and writes science fiction and fantasy.

And then there’s me. My name is Meeseun. Chances are you’ve seen my name if you’re familiar with our blog, and occasionally you’ll find my name stamped on an order when things get really busy. Officially, I’m a Product Specialist and Writer for Painful Pleasures. Besides managing the blog and news, I get to write about and put new products on our site so that we can provide all of you with the latest and the greatest things currently available in the industry.

Meeseun, Painful Pleasures Product Specialist

My workspace is in the thick of it all, right in the heart of the Painful Pleasures warehouse. Even though I don’t get to hang out with the Creative guys all day basking in low light and Alanis Morrissette’s soothing vocals (I’m really not sad by this), they adopted me into their team because I guess I’m doing something right. Now I work closely with them to make sure that any branding, package design work, and other projects reach our clients error-free.

So here we are, the Creative Department at Painful Pleasures. Check us out at Limitless Design, give us a follow on Instagram, and like us on Facebook. Catch us next month to get an inside look at the order fulfillment process at Painful Pleasures!