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Avoid St. Patrick's Day Pinches with Green Ink

green tattoos, color tattoos, Ida tattoo

The color green surrounds us everyday. It’s a color that typically symbolizes life, warmth, and endurance because we most often associate the color green with plants. During the winter, leaves abandon the trees and all the plants that populate our yards turn brown, wither, or go dormant. However, as the weather warms up with the arrival of spring, leaves will begin to sprout once again and flowers will bloom. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we will not only find ourselves surrounded by green plants but also with green clothes, green decorations, and even novelties like green beer. These five tattoos capture the lush and lively character of the color green while also illustrating the versatility of green ink.

gradient tattoo, color tattoo, green tattoos, Ida tattoos

No tattoo embodies an appreciation for the color green better than this simple gradient bar. From a deep, dark forest green to a light and bright pale shade of green, this gradient displays the variability of this lively color, and the unique technique used in this tattoo also illustrates the strength of this artist’s shading skills. Despite its apparent simplicity, this tattoo is in fact deeply detailed.


green tattoos, color tattoos, nature tattoos, Pis Saro tattoo

The green leaves of this tattoo give us a taste of what spring will bring as plants begin to sprout new life. New growth sits alongside larger, older leaves, illustrating the cycle of plant life, which is filled with many simultaneous cycles of death and rebirth.


green tattoos, color tattoos, traditional tattoos, Karolina Sylwia tattoo

Although the color green is naturally associated with plants, life, and growth, it can also be connected with darker imagery. For this traditional tattoo, the color accents the black and grey and helps the tattoo to stand out despite the familiar image.


green tattoos, color tattoos, Harry Potter tattoos, Kety Smile tattoo

Much like the previous tattoo, this Harry Potter tattoo depicting the Death Eater’s unifying symbol, the Dark Mark, utilizes the color green to accent the otherwise black inkwork, and the color symbolizes darkness and death rather than life. Although the color is a clear indicator of life, in art, the color green can represent evil. In the Harry Potter films, Lord Voldemort and his band of Death Eaters are constantly surrounded with a green aura, denoting the jealousy that fuels Voldemort’s reign.


green tattoos, color tattoos

Surrounded by vines, the woman portrayed in this tattoo appears serene. The leaves encircle her, expressing a profound connection between the life-giving power of nature and the self-love the subject reveals as she wraps her arms around herself. This tattoo conveys that to truly love and care for oneself, one must develop an enduring relationship with nature. Whether that means cultivating houseplants or taking time everyday to take a calm walk outside, self-care, self-love, and nature are all intertwined and when we cultivate nature we are also cultivating ourselves.

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