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Avengers: Infinity Ink

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The past week has seen major pop culture moments come to pass. Two long-running and immensely popular series have reached their climax and after much anticipation, fans of Marvel comics and Game of Thrones have finally seen the fates of their favorite characters. Although a few episodes still remain for Game of Thrones, this chapter of the Marvel saga has come to a close with Avengers: Endgame. The film tests Marvel fans’ endurance with a runtime of more than three hours.

The Avengers, Marvel tattoos, Avengers tattoos, Lyndon Minor tattoo Despite the monstrous length of the film, fans were undaunted and Avengers: Endgame broke countless records upon its opening. According to Vox, the film achieved both the most financially successful worldwide and domestic opening in movie history. In fact, the film is so successful that it shattered records set by its predecessor, Infinity War, reaching a gross of over a billion dollars even quicker than the previous film. The growing success of the Marvel cinematic universe has produced countless sequels and spinoffs, and it has even inspired other filmmakers to try to recreate its success. Marvel’s primary competitor, DC comics has begun to produce its own web of similarly interconnected films, and Netflix has produced multiple series based on comics.

Though many have attempted to recreate the success of the Marvel universe, none have been quite as successful. The Marvel films have inspired countless related films, competitors, and dedicated fans. As the film universe has grown, the fanbase has grown along with it. Cosplay and comic conventions have brought fans together for years, and the growing overlap between comic fandom and the tattoo world has inspired many Marvel fans to permanently commemorate their fandom.

Even stars of the films themselves have illustrated their dedication to the series in ink. A few of the films’ stars visited New York’s East Side Ink Tattoo to get a symbol that represents each of the six primary members of the Avengers: Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Hulk.

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For the stars of The Avengers, acting in the Marvel cinematic universe represents a major era in their careers. Because each actor has reprised their role in multiple movies, the series has been a constant throughout many years of their evolving careers. Robert Downey Jr. for instance, has played the role of Tony Stark for more than a decade. To commemorate roles that not only brought them massive success but also acted as a mainstay in their lives, some of the actors got matching tattoos. Their chosen symbol is comprised of six motifs representing each of the main heroes, and fans love the symbol so much that many have been inspired to follow suit and get the same symbol tattooed on themselves.

Commemorating their love for The Avengers, fans and stars of the series have gotten inked with a shared symbol of dedication — one that represents the significance of The Avengers as a career milestone and a beloved film. The symbol also illustrates the overall moral lesson communicated throughout the series. Much like the infinity stones that have played an important role across the different films, each individual hero holds their own unique power. However, the stones and the heroes are more powerful together than they are apart, and the tattoo brings various communities together. The tattoo thus acts as an unofficial symbol uniting both the stars of The Avengers and the fans of the series, and it is this particular fact that makes The Avengers unique amongst other comic book films.

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