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The Artists of InkAddict: Quality Over Quantity

Our last post introduced InkAddict, an alternative lifestyle brand from the Midwest that’s on the rise, and how their tastefully bold designs set them apart from other brands in the industry. Effective branding and the variety of logo items that they carry made them easily recognizable, but the graphic pieces from their tight-knit family of artists contribute to InkAddict’s ongoing success. An interview with Inked Magazine revealed that InkAddict truly cares about being a collaborative effort. There are less than 20 sponsored artists at this time and everyone is consulted before a new member is added to their crew to ensure quality. They may be few in numbers, but the talent that these handpicked artists possess embody an army.

matthew hockaday shirt, inkaddict men's tee

Everyday Life & Everyday Struggle

These artists constantly have their creative juices flowing, inspired by everyday life and the trials and tribulations they face. Matthew Hockaday, a tattoo artist in Michigan, told Inked Magazine that he is always taking mental notes – quietly observing people when he’s out and about, studying light, and watching his daughter draw. All of these things and more are sources of inspiration for him.

Last time we showed off the InkAddict women’s racerback tank with his design, “The Fox”, but what’s noteworthy is that the best designs are transcendent; they’re not limited to just one canvas. This design is also available on a men’s tee (shown right) and even with a different tee and print color, the design quality isn’t lost. He is persistent and continues to challenge himself with his work by learning more about other techniques and style.dan henk tee, inkaddict men's shirt

The struggle is real for some of these artists, but they’ve proved that they can’t be knocked down and they’re better than ever. From being homeless to getting into freak accidents, through death and disease, Dan Henk has had one helluva time with all the curveballs life threw his way. He is a published author, illustrator, and tattoo artist whose extraordinary work in horror realism is just as impressive as his resilience. Henk has even tattooed at our studio, The Studio at Painful Pleasures, before! His InkAddict tee design (shown left) reflects the attention to detail he has with his line work and invites you to examine the design thoroughly. If horror is up your alley, you should check out the 2015 calendar he compiled with other amazing tattoo artists and illustrators.


Doing What You Love & Doin’ It Well

big meas lettering tee, men's tshirt, inkaddict

Just as Dan Henk’s incredible talent in horror realism is what put him on the map, there are other artists who are sought after because of that one thing that they do so well. Big Meas plays a crucial role in the InkAddict family, being the man when it comes to lettering because of his background in graffiti. Letters on a shirt might not seem like a big deal, but drawing and tattooing letters require a certain skill that not all artists develop. This men’s tee to the right is an example of his capabilities, because it isn’t like one of those typical tees with boring Helvetica font; this design is something he created and arranged and it’s only a t-shirt!

We hold respect for the artists that have spent years honing their craft and becoming the best at what they do, but we also have to give credit where credit is due to the up and coming artists who are extremely talented. It’s hard to believe that Nico Negron is now only four years into tattooing because his work is that remarkable. He specializes in black and grey realism with elements of fantasy and horror. His InkAddict tee design shows his twist shows his interpretation of running make-up.

liz cook geisha, men's tshirt, women's tank, inkaddict

Looking into these InkAddict artists revealed that many of these artists do excellent portraits, especially when their designs are translated onto clothing. Kyle Cotterman’s portrait painting is vividly alluring and available on both men’s and women’s tee shirts. As one of two female artists of the InkAddict family, Liz Cook definitely embodies the “go big or go home” motto because InkAddict suggests that if a portrait tattoo is on your to-do list, she’s your woman. She even has her own set with Eternal Tattoo Ink. Her Geisha portrait design on a men’s tee and women’s tank is also like Kyle Cotterman’s vivid design, with different elements/techniques and colors pulling together to give an overall impressive design.

Environment is absolutely important in fostering growth and InkAddict makes it possible for these artists to thrive creatively, produce quality art, and make a difference. There is more work to be seen from these guys because InkAddict isn’t going anywhere but up. Check out the rest of the InkAddict products we have and know that you’ll be wearing pure talent and dedicated skill.