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Alternative Apparel: The Rundown

We’re doing what now?

Do you ever take a step back and notice the fashion that surrounds the body mod industry? With tattoos becoming more accepted and individuality being encouraged, companies focusing on alternative apparel are on the rise. We’re living in an age in which we don't have to dress so prim and proper anymore. We can proudly express ourselves and our appreciation for the art within the tattoo culture not just by having tattoos, but also by wearing clothes that feature them. If you haven’t really thought about it before; don’t worry, that’s where Painful Pleasures comes in. Besides having all things tattoo and piercing related, we’re also a good source for alternative fashion and we want to let you in on it, too.


What is alternative apparel anyway?

Men's Alternative Apparel by Brands Like Sullen & Tribal GearLet’s get in the right mindset with a little exercise in word association before we try to give some neat definition of “alternative apparel". Think: tattoo, graffiti, punk, skating, urban, hip-hop... They're all things associated with the underground. A lot of the alternative apparel companies say that they're “lifestyle brands", which goes to show how the fashion in this industry isn’t just about having the look; it’s about feeling and living the look.

Alternative apparel is often characterized by bold designs and features a lot of the same style of art that one might see on someone’s tattooed body. It’s clothing inspired by and created for those who love tattoos and every other unique outlet for self-expression. As we focus on some of the big brands in our future alternative apparel blog posts, you'll come to find out that this is clothing for the person who isn’t afraid to be an individual and stand out from society's sea of khaki-clad drones.


Who makes the alternative apparel we carry?

Alternative Apparel for Women by Brands Like InkAddict & Sullen AngelsPainful Pleasures is proud to be a source for widely recognized alternative apparel brands like InkAddict, Sullen, Tribal Gear, Steadfast, Fatal, 2K2BT, Black Market Art Company, and Lowbrow Art Company are just a handful. Our site lets you browse by brand so if there's one particular line that interests you, you don’t have to sift through everything to find it. We have tons of t-shirts and tanks featuring badass designs, as well as everything else to clothe you from your head to your toes.

If you’ve spent most of your time looking for jewelry or tattoo supplies on our site until now, we'd like to invite you to take a moment to look around at our clothing. If you're not sure where to start, keep an eye out for our next alternative apparel blog post, which will point you towards cool looks for the summer  and highlight some of our newer items featuring art done by renowned tattoo artists.